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‘Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory’ Comes Out This Year, and Already Looks Hilarious

  • Adapted from the original tabletop.
  • Top-down CRPG-style gameplay.
  • Secrets and betrayal abound!


Black Shamrock and Cyanide Studio have teamed up to create Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, an adaptation of an old tabletop RPG by a similar name. The game, just like the tabletop, takes places in the sprawling dystopian cyber-city of Alpha Complex. This metropolis is micromanaged by the paranoid and irrational AI, Friend Computer, who utterly dominates the lives of its citizens. Or, as the game’s own description puts it:

Paranoia is a CRPG that takes place in humanity’s last idyllic refuge, Alpha Complex, which is controlled by Friend Computer. All citizens enjoy a life of joy, cheerfulness and cleanliness. Questioning the benevolence of Friend Computer is an act of treason. Having access to information beyond your security clearance is an act of treason. Refusing to drink your daily dose of Bouncy Bubble Beverage is an act of treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Players lead a team of four Troubleshooters with RED security clearance, whose purpose is to find trouble and shoot it. Troubleshooters may be specialized through various skills, and since they’re clones, dying can actually lead to skill progression. Combat is that of a top-down tactical RPG with pause-issued commands a la tabletop.

But there are sure to be insane twists and turns from a videogame whose progenitor forbids any demonstration of knowledge about its own rules. The tongue-in-cheek take on dystopian oppression, evident from the trailer, looks very promising so far, and plot lines involving mutants and secret societies undoubtedly lurk beneath surface. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory will release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One later this year. You can learn more through Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Laserwulf on April 11, 2019 at 6:04 pm said

    I really -want- to like this game, but I’m skeptical that they’ll nail the dark, surreal humor of the source material. The trailer gives me a Bioshock ‘failed utopia’ vibe, whereas GlaDOS and the movie “Brazil” seem like better targets for the over-the-top bureaucratic absurdity of the Paranoia RPG.

  2. Fuzzybeard on April 12, 2019 at 9:39 pm said

    I always appreciate a solid crpg good to see we are slowly getting more of theme.

  3. Noob question, what is meaning of C in CRPG?

  4. I dont know the source material, If you had to explain it to someone, what would you said it’s the definitive characteristic that make unique of this franchise?

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