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‘Phoenix Point’ Launches Today

  • One year exclusivity to Epic Games Store.
  • “Rise from the ashes.”
  • Touted as a spiritual successor to XCOM series.


After a long wait and being at the forefront of the Epic Games Store timed exclusivity controversy alongside games like Shenmue III and Metro: Exodus, turn-based strategy title Phoenix Point has finally reached its launch day. Touted as a spiritual successor to the XCOM series considering its design by Julian Gollop, Phoenix Point aims to bring the tactics and thrills of fighting inhuman threats to a much darker setting.

You need look no further than the game’s launch trailer to see that Phoenix Point is just as much a matter of survival in the face of an incredible foe. Rise from the ashes, and steal victory from the jaws of oblivion. Phoenix Point is sold in three separate versions:

Phoenix Point (Base Game): $39.99

Phoenix Point (Deluxe Edition): $59.99

  • Alien “Living Gun” Pack: Exclusive In-Game Weapons
  • Alien Chitin Armor Pack: Exclusive In-Game Armor
  • Digital Game Manual
  • Hi-Res Desktop Wallpaper
  • The Art of Phoenix Point: Digital eBook
  • The Compendium: Digital Collection of Stories in the Phoenix Point Universe

Phoenix Point (Ultra Edition): $79.99 through December 10th

The Season Pass (5 DLCs featuring new systems, items, units, missions, and challenges):

  • Blood and Titanium
  • Legacy of the Ancients
  • Festering Skies
  • Plus 2 More as yet unannounced DLCs
  • Includes all content from the Deluxe Edition

The season pass for the game can be purchased on its own for $29.99, with the current announced DLCs running between $4.99 and $9.99.

The setting for Phoenix Point takes place after humanity has reached a breaking point. After a world wide disaster shook the very foundation of civilization and wildlife alike, a virus rages on turning living things into monstrous creatures. The last pockets of humanity fight day by day for survival against a growing threat, one that continues to tighten its grip in an attempt to finally wipe out life as we know it and shape it into part of a mutant horde.

Hope exists solely in the military group the Phoenix Project which is based out of a hidden base that just happens to be called Phoenix Point; now you get the name. Much like XCOM you’ll invest time into research and development in between deployments, and over the course of missions you’ll build and burn bridges as well as slaughtering the mutant threat in your way.

As mentioned earlier in the article, Phoenix Point is currently under a one-year exclusivity agreement with the Epic Games so if you want to play it now, that’s the only way to get your hands on it. Before entering into the deal with Epic Games Store, it was set to release on Steam and GOG so if you’re keen on waiting just look out for it there in a years time unless something else changes course for the release on those distribution platforms.


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