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Pick Up ‘Heaven Dust’ Later This Month

  • Inspired by classic 90s survival horror.
  • Pick it up on February 27th.
  • Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam.


Developer One Gruel Studio and publisher Indienova have announced that their survival horror title Heaven Dust, which gets inspiration from classic entries of the genre from the 90s, will release on the 27th of February for $7.99 on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. There is a PlayStation 4 version in development, but it’s expected to release sometime after. A special thank you to Gematsu for covering the information first.

At the start of Heaven Dust, you’ll find yourself waking up in a mansion, which will later reveal itself as the place where the secret research center is. Players will maneuver through the deadly maze-like mansion, filled with vicious traps and terrible zombies. You will need to escape by overcoming all of these obstacles, collecting items, solving creative puzzles, and uncover the truth behind this whole ordeal. If you watch the trailer, you’ll see that it’s pretty much Chibi Resident Evil, and I’m so here for that.

Heaven Dust’s story centers the events that unfolded around 1970. A scientific investigation team finds a new virus in blood samples from a primitive tribe called Torkue in New Guinea. A group of scientists become fascinated with the possibles this new virus proposes, believing that it could reveal the secrets of immortality. This is why they call it Heaven Dust. Unfortunately, after it’s too late, they learn that there is nothing heavenly about this virus, and they unleash hell upon themselves.

This leads to the research center in New Guinea to be destroyed in an accident relating to the devilish virus. Their subsidiary company StarDust brings the Heaven Dust to America, allowing a disaster to unfold. Other features are as follows:

  • Thrilling and immersive exploration-horror experience!
  • Challenging story-integrated puzzles!
  • A hopeless story with different endings. Maybe there is a good one.
  • We try to keep the best things together you will expect to find in a small package.

Are you excited for Heaven Dust? How do you feel about these upcoming titles that are inspired by classic 90s survival horror? What would you like to see from the genre? For other similar titles, make sure to check out Vigil and Daymare: 1998. To stay up to date on Heaven Dust, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official YouTube channel.