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Play ‘Duck Hunt’ on Your… Christmas Tree?

  • You read that right.
  • YouTube channel Wermy has changed the game on decorating.
  • If there’s enough demand, Wermy will post a video on how to make one yourself.

The holiday season is over, but the warm fuzzy feelings it gives hasn’t quite gone away yet. Although tax season and bills the come with gift-giving may be standing on your doorstep, the time you spent with family and friends can’t be undersold. Did you get a lot of awesome games? I sure hope you did. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our Exclusively Games Holiday Special, then you may have missed the walk down memory lane reflecting on some personal experiences in my life around the holidays. The first story I mentioned spoke about how my grandparents gave me an NES bundled with a Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo cartridge. For me, those games have always felt like games for the season ever since.

So imagine the grin on my face when I stumbled across this YouTube video of a creative mind making Duck Hunt playable on the most unlikely platform of all; a Christmas Tree. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, and I’m not a madman; YouTuber Wermy posted this video on Christmas Day and it began doing the rounds online slowly but surely until I came across it on Facebook. Wanting to make sure the creator gets his due credit I tracked it back to his YouTube channel, and now I want to share it with you guys because this is just awesome to see.


He made a TV styled ornament complete with a working screen. 3-D printed ornaments of the ducks from the game and wired it all together using Arduino boards. I could attempt to explain how it all works, but I only have the slightest knowledge of how something like this all comes together. He makes it look so simple, making me feel like my attempt would just be a monkey hitting a rock with another rock.

It’s always cool to see passion projects turn into throwbacks like this. I’ve seen Doom running on an old digital camera. I’ve seen old floppy drives wired together to play old videogame music; but I never thought I’d see Duck Hunt on a tree ornament. Towards the end of the video Wermy says that if there’s enough interest he’ll actually do a more in-depth build video to walk people through creating their own, so if that’s something you’d like to see be sure to leave him feedback. Are you someone who’s made a game playable on something unexpected? If so let us know down below, share your creations with the Exclusively Games community.


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