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‘Pokemon Masters’ Blows Past $25 Million in First Week

  • Pokemon GO! was the most successful mobile Pokemon game earning $56 mil week one.
  • Other games, like Magikarp Jump and Pokemon Quest made far less money at launch.
  • Pokemon Masters had a larger launch audience, but Pokemon GO! was unprecedented.

After three years of mediocre Pokemon mobile games following the incredibly successful launch of Pokemon GO!, fans have regained hope. Pokemon Masters has managed to earn $26 million in its first week. While it hasn’t earned the money that Pokemon GO! did, amassing $56 million across only five launch markets, it is by far the most successful mobile Pokemon game since, and its potentially shaping up to be one of Nintendo’s top mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes.

An important note to make is the difference in launches the two games had. Pokemon GO! launched in only five global markets, and still managed to make $56 million in its first week. Comparatively, Pokemon Masters made less than half that across 60 global markets. Despite that, the game is clearly the best Pokemon title released since Pokemon GO! Its doing so well because, unlike games like Pokemon Quest or Magikarp Jump, Masters has a fairly robust story, thought-out battle mechanics, and puts that all in a game with gacha loot mechanics. 

Of course, its only been one week. Pokemon Masters has the chance to surpass Pokemon GO!, but there’s no way to be sure.