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‘Pokémon Sword and Shield:’ New Trailer, New Pokemon

  • Two new trainers shown briefly.
  • Four new pokémon revealed.
  • Gigantamaxing in action.


New trailer, new gym leaders, new pokémon, and gigantic pokémon–that’s what today brings us. You won’t get to try them out yourself until November 15th, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some new pics and info, starting with the trainers:

I’m not sure how to pronounce this one… bee? Bay? Beah? Whatever the case, this will be the new leader of the fighting gym in Sword and Shield. We can see she’s clad in fighting gear, something like a kickboxer, and has a fighter’s physique.

Sword and Shield will be getting an emo-looking ghost trainer in the form of Allister. The hand movements are interesting here, though I wonder whether they are intended to represent him holding puppet strings, or just kind of a general undead/zombie type thing.

In addition to the new trainers, four new pokémon were shown in the trailer.

Pokédex: Alcremie can produce whipped cream, which becomes richer the happier Alcremie is feeling. Desserts made using this cream are invariably delicious, so many pastry chefs strive to have an Alcremie as their partner.

Pokédex: Yamper has an organ in its body that generates electricity, and this organ is activated when Yamper runs around. Yamper can’t store the electricity it generates, so it’s often seen running around with electric sparks crackling around it.

Pokédex: Rolycoly has no problem dashing through dark areas or rough terrain. Its red eye can illuminate dark areas, while it uses the lump of coal attached to its body like a wheel to move through coal mines and caves. It seems to be able to travel smoothly even over rough terrain.

Pokédex: The metal composing its body is incredibly durable but also surprisingly light. It only weighs about 88 lbs. in total. Thanks to this, Duraludon can move quite quickly in spite of its appearance. Its body is weak to corrosion, however, and is known to rust easily.

Lastly, we got a look at feature new to Sword and Shield called gigantamaxing, which changes not only the size, but the appearance of any pokémon under its effects. For example, when gigantamaxing is used on Alcremie, she becomes the whipped cream topping of an enormous cake:


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  1. Richard Garabedian on July 9, 2019 at 3:41 pm said

    Boooo….What the hell!….They told us this would be a new pokemon RPG game…Like what the last pokemon switch game was supposed to be…A remake of the gameboy games!!!!..BUT now it just looks like pokemon stadium with lousy gimmicks…Gigantmatrix…wtf….Hurls…

  2. Richard Garabedian on July 9, 2019 at 3:45 pm said

    And good god the pokemon are lame now…Cake frosting pokemon….? really…ice cream pokemon…whats next…shoelace pokemon. Marijuana pokemon? no ..seriously…they have everything else.!

  3. I was excited when this looked like a return to normalcy Pokemon game, but yeh… a cake Pokemon? Really? Someone needs to stop them… I’ve been thinking back to the 1st and 2nd gen and most of them were creature-ish. The 3rd started to get a little funky and from there it just got weirder. I know it’s fictitious and all, but it still gets under my skin.

    It’s also strange that they keep showing the gyms and that wide open space. I sure hope there is more meat to this game… I hope there is a wider story and a antagonist that isn’t simply a generic rival (that you eventually befriend) and another different Team Rocket. I know I’m asking for a lot, but they’ve made a lot of changes to the game since the first; I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch.

  4. Gigantamaxing doesn’t really impress me, but I do like the idea of the special forms and niche battle mechanics. It made sense for Z-moves to not exist anywhere but Alola because you spent the whole game locating the crystals and learning the moves through your trials. While I wouldn’t have minded just finding the crystals and using them, how would the trainer know the moves?
    Mega evolution on the other hand was embedded into more than just Kalos and more or less ended with power spheres from a meteor landing all over the world. You even had to find them on the ground in some games. So I really hope they have some sort of ingame plot as to why the Galar region was the only region to not have these mega spheres.
    It really is a shame mega evolution was removed. The Alola region functioned perfectly well with both mega evolution and z-moves. It is hard to imagine the Galar region could not have pulled it off.

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