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‘Project Resistance’ Is A New Branch In The Resident Evil Franchise

  • A new co-op experience.
  • Fast-paced action over survival horror.
  • Appears to take place in an Umbrella testing facility.


The first teaser for CAPCOM’s Project Resistance has officially dropped. While it was widely speculated that the name was a placeholder for a forthcoming Resident Evil name, Project Resistance is indeed the name. It’s a very different name, for a very different type of Resident Evil. More information will be coming out about Project Resistance over the coming days at Tokyo Game Show 2019, but here is what we can decipher so far from the teaser above.

  • 4 Player Co-op.
  • An emphasis on fast-paced situations, with implications of being timed.
  • A sort of DM mechanic, either in the form of asymmetrical PVP, or something reminiscent of Valve’s “Director” mechanic in the Left 4 Dead series.

Project Resistance certainly isn’t what I was expecting, and it looks like it wasn’t what most people were expecting either. Reactions to the teaser at the time of writing this have been mixed, though the upvote to downvote ration on the video has proven more favorable than the comments themselves.

While CAPCOM is still on a comeback tour, knocking it out of the park with fans earlier this year with the remake of Resident Evil 2, the concerns from the community are well warranted. CAPCOM has tried to branch out in the past with new ideas taking place in the Resident Evil universe, with the non-canon titles Operation: Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps. both being absolute disasters, critically and among fans. Despite the concerns, including my own, something I did find interesting is that at first glance this game seems heavily inspired by one of the Resident Evil books written by S.D. Perry years ago called Resident Evil: Underworld

In Underworld, familiar faces from the series find themselves in the midst of an Umbrella testing facility in Utah, with training kernels set up in a way for Umbrella to collect combat data on everything from T-Virus infected humans, to their more sinister creations. Though this literature series is non-canon as a whole, to say that there hasn’t been some impact on the series in terms of ideas would be selling it short, as themes and ideas have appeared several times off and on over the years.

We’ll just have to see what the coming days hold for Project Resistance, but in the meantime, what did you think of the teaser? Are you more or less excited now that you have seen it?