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‘Project Resistance’ Shows Some Very Rough Multiplayer Footage

  • A little over 10 minutes of gameplay.
  • Shows perspectives of the Survivors and Mastermind.
  • Fan feedback is scathing.


CAPCOM has released some new footage of Project Resistance, and to say it’s looking a little rough is a bit of an understatement. Portrayed in a split-screen perspective that lets you watch all angles of a match in real-time, CAPCOM gives us the rundown on a typical match of Project Resistance. Despite an attention-catching teaser trailer, and then a gameplay trailer that looked promising, this first match in real-time is in quite a state.

Animations for the survivors look stiff, the Mastermind’s spawning system looks far too basic, and the fact the Mastermind actually takes the time to taunt the survivors isn’t horrifying; it’s just silly. A cartoonish French voice plays overhead off and on, snooty in its caricature.

There is more fun ahead… possibly death.

It’s important to note that this is still early footage of the game, but it’s in stark contrast to the initial gameplay footage we were shown that looked to be a functioning, if somewhat uninspired game. The biggest thing to note among all the gameplay, though, is that the survivors have the ability to respawn, which ultimately takes away from the experience. What’s to fear in death if there are no consequences for it? The Mastermind crushes the skull of January by using a controllable Mr. X, only for her to respawn and catch up to the rest of her team. It immediately removes any traces of a horror game and turns it into an action set piece with maybe a jump scare or two seen throughout.

The gameplay is being slammed currently, with the video currently at 58,874 views with likes sitting at 971 and dislikes at 2.4k. That’s pretty rough, and the comments are just as unforgiving as that ratio. Project Resistance had a shot to impress curious players and seems to have fallen flat on its face anyway.

This comes on the heels of a producer at CAPCOM firing back at early skeptics and critics, enforcing the idea that Project Resistance was going to be a different sort of Resident Evil spinoff that stayed true to its core values at heart. A closed beta for Project Resistance takes place from October 7th through October 9th, and maybe it’ll begin to win people over once they have a chance to play it. But one thing is for certain right now, and that’s that there is a lot of resistance to Project Resistance. What did you think of the new gameplay? Let us know down below.