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‘Project Resistance’ Will Have a Single-Player Story Mode

  • Single player mode revealed during interview with Masachika Kawata.
  • More characters will be in the game than what have been shown.
  • Smart survivors can turn the tables on the Mastermind.


While the idea of Project Resistance has been a polarizing one among fans of the Resident Evil franchise, CAPCOM isn’t shying away from keeping it front and center for the time being. With a closed beta for the 4v1 multiplayer game coming next month, the company is trying to both generate hype, as well as address the numerous concerns from the fan base. In a recent interview via the Playstation Blog, producer Kawata Masachika he addressed a lot of the burning questions surrounding the game.

While the entire interview is pretty lengthy and can be read above, here are some of the things that we’ve learned about Project Resistance as a result of it.

  • While the game is an online asymmetrical experience, CAPCOM knows the demand for a narrative-driven experience is high. This has lead them to include an offline single-player mode, focused on diving deeper into the new lore behind Umbrella in Resistance.
  • While partially inspired by Resident Evil: Outbreak, it’s not a remake of that branch of the series. Rather, they wanted to make an interactive horror experience, where the Mastermind dictates the scares, and through their choices, the challenges survivors will face.

  • The TGS 2019 build of the game only features one Mastermind character, and the initial 4 survivors. The full game plans on having different Mastermind characters and survivors to choose from, with differing skill sets.
  • They Tyrant isn’t a win button, nor are anything in the Mastermind’s lineup of traps and tricks. It’s not the things available to the Mastermind that determines if the survivors will live or die, but how well they utilize them against the survivors. Better survivors stand a higher chance of survival against a lesser Mastermind player, and vice versa.

The closed beta for Project Resistance will run from October 4th through October 7th, with sign-ups still available now for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Have you signed up to give it a spin yet, or are you going to be passing up on Project Resistance in general?