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‘PUBG’ Adding New Team Deathmatch Mode

  • Will offer teams of 8v8 players.
  • Matches to last 10 minutes max.
  • Enjoy seven battlefields across four maps.


There is no denying the impact PUBG has had since its release in 2017. Developer PUBG Corporation has continued to update and evolve the title since its release. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s brought joy and happiness to millions. Teens in India have been arrested for playing the title; it’s been made illegal in Nepal; it’s had to be retooled to follow Chinese regulations to release in that region; it’s received cross-play; it’s done away with random loot boxes, and more recently, it’s had its 2020 kickoff completion postponed.

It’s impressive that the developers have continued to work on this title, to strive to make it even better when we live in an era of yearly sequels rather than longterm support. The latest new content coming to PUBG is the addition of team deathmatch. When title update 6.2 launches, players will find a new Arcade section that focuses on new game types. This new team deathmatch mode will offer eight versus eight matches, and will feature seven battlefields across four maps to battle on. These maps are already present in-game, so those who’ve played PUBG continually will have an advantage. The last time team deathmatch was experimented with, was back in 2018.

For those eager for details on this new mode, team deathmatch will be in first-person mode only. There will be respawns and no friendly fire. You’ll be able to choose from eight loadouts, referred to as Spawn Kits, and health regeneration will depend on your Boost Gauge. Boost Gauge is filled with assists and kills, and your health will slowly recover as long as you’re not taking damage. Matches should last ten minutes, with victory going to whichever team can get 50 kills first. You will be able to earn BP in this mode, but there will not be any Survivor Pass XP rewards.

PUBG Corporation is excited for players to try out this revamped team deathmatch mode, but they ensure players that their main focus will always be the Battle Royale game mode. The developers offered the following statement:

For fans who prefer Battle Royale, not to worry! Our core focus will always be to bring you the most realistic and intense Battle Royale experience out there!

You can read the full announcement of this life here. Are you excited for this new team deathmatch mode? Is this something you’ve wanted the developers to add? What else would you like to see added to PUBG? To stay up to date on PUBG, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, and their official website.