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Publisher Pearl Abyss Announces Three Games

  • All three are some form of MMO.
  • Trailers coming in November.
  • One sounds like Pokémon but online.

Publisher Pearl Abyss has announced three MMO titles in development. The first is a shooter called PLAN 8, and the other two are open-world RPGs titled Crimson Desert and DokeV. DokeV seems the most interesting as it has creature-collecting mechanics. I’m expecting Pokémon, but if it’s not, we always have Disc Creatures. If you’re unfamiliar with Pearl Abyss, they have published Black Desert Online.

PLAN 8 has Minh Le as technical adviser, and who also happens to be known as the co-creator of the Counter-Strike franchise. The production is being led by Seung-ki Lee, former environment art director of Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile. The publisher is excited about this title because it is their first shooting game. This may be the spiritual successor to Counter-Strike we’ve always wanted. You can follow PLAN 8 on it’s official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Crimson Desert places players in a war for survival. This epic fantasy has three tribes fighting for control of the Pywell continent. Crimson Desert has been produced since 2018 by Jason Jung, who was also the game design director of RYL Online. RYL Online is one of Korea’s most famous MMORPGs, and many of the staff behind it have joined to help create Crimson Desert. From the way it sounds, it reminds me a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. If you have played RYL Online, how was it? Are you excited for Crimson Desert? You can stay up to date with Crimson Desert by following it on Facebook,Twitter, and it’s official website.

DokeV is an RPG designed for players of all ages. The former animation director of Black Desert Online, Sang-young Kim, and former game design director of Black Desert Online Suh Won Choi are leading development on this collection MMO. You can stay up to date with it by following its official website, Facebook, and Twitter. Based on its synopsis, what would you like to see from DokeV? If you played either Black Desert games, what did you think about them?

Publisher Pearl Abyss will debut all three games during its press conference at G-Star 2019 in Busan, South Korea. You’ll be able to see the gameplay and trailers from Pearl Abyss Connect 2019 on the 13th of November, and it will be streamed through YouTube and Twitch. To stay up to date on everything Pearl Abyss is working on, follow them on Facebook and their official website.