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Respawn Entertainment Cranks Up Efforts Against Cheaters in ‘Apex Legends’

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In a recent check-in with the official subreddit, Respawn Entertainment revealed that they’ve banned over 355,000 players on PC so far through their Easy-Anti-Cheat system.

While the system clearly does its job, Respawn says that the battle against cheaters is one for which they’ll need to “continue to adapt to and be very vigilant about fighting.”

Any who hope to cull the dishonest inclinations of cheaters will certainly have their work cut out for them, however, as a survey from cybersecurity services firm, Irdeto, revealed that “A total of 37% of gamers confessed to cheating (3% ‘always’, 9% ‘often’, 13% ‘sometimes’, and 12% ‘rarely’).” It’s probably a safe bet that the actual number of cheaters is higher, but some of those surveyed simply preferred not to admit to it.

A combined total of 77% of players surveyed also said they were either “very likely” or “fairly likely” to stop playing a multiplayer game if they felt other players were cheating in it.

Respawn is undoubtedly aware of these sorts of studies and how important a fair playing field is for any title that hopes to be seriously considered a competitive game. Out of necessity for their war efforts, they are keeping the details of their new strategies to combat cheaters secret, but they did offer a few pieces of information. They mentioned reaching out to experts, both within and outside of EA, scaling up their anti-cheat team to give it more resources, and adding a report feature on PC that goes directly to Easy-Anti Cheat.

The addition of the report feature is very likely to cause as much harm as help, however, as anyone who’s played any kind of competitive multiplayer game knows—players with bad attitudes always abuse report systems.

Whether the other innovations against cheating will show any measurable success remains to be seen. Clearly traditional methods have failed to fully address this widespread problem, as each advancement against cheating is eventually overcome by those who simply can’t handle being outplayed. Maybe Apex Legends will give rise to a new system that tips the scales against the favor of sore losers. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Cheating in games has always been a problem. We used to run an online FPS in local territory and the number of players tanked hard during the time the cheats were prevalent and we were waiting on a fix. The best we could do at the time is monitor games manually and announce cheaters that were banned the moment they were banned so that players would know something was being done while the devs worked on the exploit.

    We contacted well-known players and asked them for documented information on all the cheat programs they could find or knew about including where to download, how to install and how it works. In exchange, we sent them a decent amount of in-game cash currency and 30-60 day rental gear (the game was f2p with time-limited equipment rentals for cash, not the best model but you work with what you have).

    Once we got the anti-cheats in and we ramped up marketing again we managed to increase the player count by over 400% and our servers crashed during peak hours each day… but that’s a whole other problem entirely. 🙂

  2. Kevin Thornton on March 15, 2019 at 8:06 pm said

    First game I played a couple days ago, we head for the dropship landing, another squad cranks it up to eleven and glitches their way to it 20 seconds before anyone else can get there. I skip the ship and drop to the ground. My teammates get taken out by the speed hacker fairly quickly so I gotta go try to get their banners, I get killed by this dude and his hacked bullets with a third of a clip despite having a shield and helmet already. That was my first and last game of the day.

  3. SwordsmanAdraygus on March 15, 2019 at 10:02 pm said

    Glad they are taking action against cheaters, I really hate cheaters in games.

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