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‘Rever dun Manege’ Arriving in January

  • Japanses gamers can pick it up on January 30th.
  • Currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch.
  • Limited Collector’s Edition available for pre-order.


Mages otome games brand Love & Art have announced that Rever dun Manege, a new otome visual novel, is set to release for Nintendo Switch on January 30th 2020 in Japan. The west and other regions will have to wait as to when this game will be making its way over. There has been no mention of any other platform getting the game, not even Google Stadia.

Rever dun Manege will have a limited collector’s edition that will have several goodies for players to own. This includes a drama CD called The Men’s tete-a-tete, the Rever dun Manege original soundtrack, a seven mini character acrylic stand set, and a Rever dun Manege Grand Open event advance raffle application slip. Anyone who pre-orders the game will get a separate drama CD called Reporter Arnaud’s Secret Coverage File.

Rever is the French word that means “to dream,” and the French word Manege translates to “merry go round”. The game’s story takes these themes and tells its tale with the setting of the Rever Traveling Circus. Players take the role of protagonist Emma, though you can replace that name with one of your choosing, and Emma finds herself entangled and surrounded by six gorgeous men.

Though the men you meet are important and fit into the plot somehow, there are other aspects to this story. Protagonist Emma lives in the city of Blanc-Bourg, near the border of France, and the beginning of spring brings with it the Rever Traveling Circus. Emma is guided by her music box, a keepsake that belonged to her late father, and ends up visiting this circus. Its when she meets the circus ringmaster in front of the carousel that she learns a certain secret. It seems that those who work at this circus are unable to leave.

Emma is asked to help them. Within Emma is the magic they need to escape, and with her now working in this circus, she hopes to somehow awaken that magic that lies buried deep within her. Players will need to discover the memory that Emma has forgotten, awaken the magical powers she hasn’t had access to since she was 10, the secrets of the Rever Traveling Circus, and the mystery behind the Hamelin tragedy. The thing with looking for answers to magical secrets that are buried is that some do not want these being dug up and brought into the light.

I’m not a person who goes out of their way to play visual novels, but even I have to admit that the plot to this game sounds intriguing. I’m very curious about what the curse is, what Emma’s magical powers are, and how the entire story will play out. Don’t be surprised if I pick up this visual anime drama. To stay up to date on Rever dun Manege, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and their official website.