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RGM-79 GM Mobile Suit

Welcome back, Gunpla fans both old and new!

Today we’re going to have a blast from the past and be looking at, plus unboxing, the RGM-79 GM Mobile Suit 1/144 Scale High Grade kit! This particular High Grade is the 20th HGUC kit that Bandai produced and is but one in a long and ever growing line of GM kits. To give you some frame of reference, this kit dates all the way back to 2001. What that means is you can expect not great joints, polycaps for days and less impressive materials being used in production. Spoiler, the kit has aged rather well, all things considered, but more on that later.

This is of course an official Bandai kit modeled on the chunky, yet sleek, Earth Federation suit that made its first appearance in the now iconic original series, Mobile Suit Gundam. The kit is in 1/144 in scale and it comes in at a mere ¥619.05 at the time of writing, so roughly £4.31 or $5.66 for those of us buying overseas. It’s an absurdly cheap kit, making it perfect for newcomers and nostalgia driven builders like myself. The GM itself is modeled on its Mobile Suit Gundam appearance, meaning that big ol’ armor diaper, off-white armor plating and a shot/sword/slab loadout. You won’t find much in the way of detailing or coloration, but that’s as intended, so don’t think you’re getting short changed on contents, this is as close to canon as a GM gets aside from literally exploding.

Speaking contents, here are the specifics:

  • 60mm Vulcan Gun – This comes in the form of two head mounted vulcan cannons.
  • THI BSjG01 Beam Saber – The standard issue GM Beam Saber, mounted over the left shoulder for easy access while defending with the shield mounted on the right arm.
  • BR-M-79C-1 Beam Spray Gun – Part pistol, part beam wave weapon and part scattergun, the Beam Spray Gun is versatile and powerful, making up for the GM’s not-incredible ranged capabilities (though specialized ranged GM units do exist, like the Sniper GM.)
  • FADEGEL RGM-M-Sh-003 Shield – The standard issue arm mounted triple honeycomb Luna Titanium shield used by the federation.

Cracking open the box will immediately serve up a reminder. The RGM-79 GM is not White and Red, even though that’s how everyone portrays them, paints them and (even in modern kits and anime) makes them. The official coloration for the non-red armor plating is White (H1)(80%) + Sky Blue (H25)(15%) + Bright Green/Daytona Green (H26)(5%). This gives it an off-white bluish coloration that immediately sets it apart from the Mobile Suit Gundam main suit, the RX-78-2 Gundam, white is pure white in armor plate coloration. For fans of the canon, this can’t be overstated enough, gotta get your paint ratios sorted out!

Insofar as general coloration is concerned, the GM comes in a red/orange mix (70/30) with a yellow cross for the shield, yellow chest inserts for the ventilation units and the head comes with a lovely blue clear component that lets you get a look at the inner workings of the head unit when assembled. This is particularly nice given the amount of kits that, to this day, use stickers in place of eye lenses and head cases.

The weapons, hands and joints all come in that dark grey polycap color which if anything, at least ensures that there’s a sense of consistency throughout the kit. We do, however, have an old beam saber, which means it’s one solid piece of plain unpainted plastic. You’ll probably want to swap that out for a proper clear version at your nearest convenience.

In total, you’ll get two runners and one set of polycaps. Runner A contains all of the colored armor pieces, yellow inserts, outer shield and head piece. Runner B on the other hand is where all of the off-white armor plating is found and, in total, only five polycaps go unused. And unlike many other modern kits, you get four and parts, expressive, gripping and trigger versions. I hate having to break down then rebuild hands at the best of times, so being able to glue them together holding their respective weapon is a massive bonus in my book!

And of course, for those of you who want to the process of seam welding and painting your kit, here’s the original recommended color guide for repainting. Don’t worry about the hot pink though, that’s just for your beam saber!

Come by next time for a full rundown of the finished build and take a look at how it holds up in regards to articulation and general build quality. If there’s anything I missed, feel free to drop a comment down below, and perhaps request a future unboxing and review.