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RPG Maker made game, Omori, Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

  • Psychological Horror RPG.
  • 8+ DUNGEONS to explore and 60+ UNIQUE NPCs.
  • Mini-Games will be playable through in-game arcade machines.


Developer OMOCAT has announced that their game Omori, which they dub as a surreal Psychological Horror RPG, will be coming to home consoles sometime in 2020. The game started off as a Kickstarter campaign and has been in development since 2014. Several of its stretch goals were hit and the associated content that will be in the game are:

  • Expanded Intro and Cutscenes. I will be creating more animation pieces like the ones from the OMORI trailer and inserting them in game. 
  • Mini-Games will be playable through in-game arcade machines. In the world of OMORI, there is a diner called GINO’s. In the hallway of this diner is an old arcade machine, and although it’s broken now, it will be playable after a certain point in the game. However, I found that there was another good opportunity to include more fun retro Mini-Games within this game. If this goal is reached, we will be including more arcade machines (I won’t tell you where because spoilers) that will each have their own mini-game… because that would be awesome and also crazy.
  • Extended side-quests in the game (like there weren’t enough already). We currently have over 60 NPC’s in just one side of the OMORI game, and we plan for the player to have the opportunity to become immersed in each of their lives. Therefore, it is very important that we have enough quests to establish this connection between players and NPC’s. If this stretch goal is reached, we will be adding more daily quests, some extra (kind of scary) mini-bosses, and at least two major (hard to find) side quest strings that involve multiple people in the town and may spawn some alternate endings… We will be hiring an extra programmer as well.

And more!

The story is described as followed:

Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you’ve been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren’t any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There’s a floor but it’s always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don’t mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.

You are usually upset. Everyone annoys you, you think you are ugly, you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you are going, and you’re too tired to care.

On good days, your neighbors invite you over for a visit. “How can they have fun with someone as horrible as me?” You miss them now. When will they come again? Maybe today will be a good day!

Or maybe today is a day for sleeping.

But…Sometimes you’re reminded you used to have another friend– someone really important.

Somewhere in the back of your head, you have an inkling feeling that you weren’t always like this. You weren’t always living in WHITE SPACE.

The truth is…

Your story is already over.

You just have to remember it.

Omori looks to be quite the interesting experience, one that reminds me of classic games like Earthbound and Pokémon. If you agree, you can add it to your Steam wishlist now. For more information on Omori, be sure to follow the developers on Twitter for updates, their Facebook, and visit their site.