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‘Samurai Shodown’ Gets Hisame Trailer

  • Character gameplay looks fantastic.
  • Fighter of the month.
  • Three more fighters left for the year.


Back at EVO 2019, SNK showed the first season of DLC content which will give players a new character every month from August to December. A second season was teased to start with Mina Majikina sometime in 2020. This month, Shizumaru Hisame is the next fighter and has received his own trailer.

Shizumaru Hisame comes as a free fighter, so if you didn’t get the season pass, you can still pick him up. First appearing in Samurai Shodown 3, the character’s design is based off of Kurama from the manga/anime series YuYu Hakusho. You can play as him on September 17th.

Samurai Shodown is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and it’ll be coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 12th. No word on its American Switch release date, or when it will launch on Stadia. Haohmaru, the protagonist of Samurai Showdown, will be coming to Soul Calibur VI as a downloadable fighter in the future.