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Sci-Fi Tower Defense ‘Siege of Centurai’ in Early Access Next Week

  • A tower defense of planetary scale.
  • Collect resources from destroyed enemies to build defenses.
  • Sign up on April 16th.


Tower defense (TD) games haven’t gone completely out of style, at least not according to the developers of  Singularity and Sins of a Solar Empire, Stardock Entertainment. Their upcoming massive-scale TD, Siege of Centurai, is now available for early access on Steam, a decision they’ve explained as follows:

Siege of Centauri is well on its way to completion, but it still needs time for polish and iteration. We want to be able to have the opportunity to weigh player feedback and make changes based on that as well. Our goal is to release the game in the Summer of 2019.

The core gameplay will be familiar to anyone who’s played a tower defense before. This particular version takes place on alien worlds with high-tech defensive structures constructed in real-time against oncoming waves of killer machines. This subset of the RTS genre is made to scratch a very specific itch, and if you just can’t get enough TD in your life, you’ll certainly want to check out Siege of Centurai.


Players will be able to access campaign mode, with modes like survival coming at a later date. In addition to the extra modes, the developers have said they will add more missions into the campaigns, as well as “new terrain types, and new enemy types. Leaderboards and rankings are also on the way, along with additional polish through bug fixes and iteration, the addition of voice acting and cinematics, and modding tools.”

Early access officially begins on April 16th. You can keep a closer eye on this project through Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and the official website.

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  1. They make good games and this is on Steam. I love tower defense. Don’t tell my wife i bought another game. 🙂

  2. I hope this one is as good as Defense Grid series

  3. Roger of Jouber on April 14, 2019 at 6:02 am said

    I hope this lets you build mazes on at least some maps. That’s what I’ve most missed from the post-WC3 tower defense games. Defense Grid was fun, but the mazing was minimal to nonexistent on most maps. This also needs large tower variety, preferably with some factions that follow a theme.

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