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Sega Ages Bringing ‘Shinobi’ and ‘Fantasy Zone’ to Nintendo Switch 

  • Each title will cost $7.99.
  • Pick them up on January 23rd.
  • New features in each game.

Sega has found success bringing over their older titles to Nintendo Switch through their Sega Ages releases. If you’ve been looking to play Shinobi and Fantasy Zone, they’ll be arriving in the west on the 23rd of January, and they will cost $7.99 each. These two fantastic arcade titles will allow players to relive the classics, and bring in new Sega Ages features for returning players to enjoy. Thank you to Nintendo Life for breaking down the new Sega Ages features.

These new features include online leaderboards, replays, save states, and even exclusive enhancements for each title. These enhancements in Shinobi include a new melee button that’s been added so that players can use the blade independently from the throwing stars, and you’ll get to play a special Ages mode that allows Musashi to wear a white outfit. There are also benefits to extra health and damage. Other new features include difficulty options, being able to select a stage, and being able to rewind time to change disastrous outcomes. 

Fantasy Zone will add a new Coin Stock feature, and its purpose is to make the title easier for newcomers. Time Attack Mode will add another opportunity for retiring players to test their skills, and you’ll find plenty of new bosses to attempt to overcome. Finally, you’ll be able to play with Opa-Opa’s sibling Upa-Upa.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shinobi, it’s a side-scrolling action title created by Sega, and it originally released in arcades back in 1978. You take the role of Joe Musashi, a ninja who is tasked with stopping a terrorist organization called Zeed. Zeed has kidnapped several students of Musashi’s clan, and he must save them. After releasing on arcades, the title made its way over to the Sega Master System. It later made found itself Nintendo Entertainment System, PC Engine, and various home computers. Since it’s release, it’s been on nearly every major console. The Shinobi series is one of the best classic ninja games, and if you haven’t played it, there’s no better time than now with Sega Ages.

Fantasy Zone released back in 1985 for arcades, but it made its way internationally to other platforms in 1986. Since it’s release, it’s also found its way onto other consoles over time. In Fantasy Zone, players control a sentient spaceship named Opa-Opa, and you’re tasked with fighting off an enemy invasion around a group of planets, called the Fantasy Zone. The popularity comes from tight controls, and gameplay features not normally seen in other, more traditional, scrolling shooters. Much like Shinobi, this was the beginning of a franchise that would propel Sega to success for many years.

Will you be picking up these releases? What other titles would you like to see brought over with Sega Ages additions? To stay up to date on Sega Ages, make sure to follow both Nintendo and Sega on Twitter.