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Sega Ages Collection Brings ‘Columns II’ and ‘Ichidant-R’ in Mid October

  • Each title will cost $7.99.
  • Online is included in these new releases.
  • Can be purchased starting October 17th.


The Sega Ages collection is what Sega has been calling ports of their older titles to the Nintendo Switch. On October 17th, two new titles arrive on the eShop for $7.99 each. Switch owners will be able to experience Sega Ages Columns II: The Voyage Through Time and Sega Ages Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R at home or on the go.

Starting with Columns II, it’s a game that was originally only released in Japan. The game has you matching jewels, fossils, and disks as you travel through nostalgia. You’ll control the falling piece as you try to aim for three in a row in any direction, trying to clear the screen before the stack reaches the top. There are multiple game modes, such as Flash Columns, where you target flashing jewels, and versus, where you’ll play against another player.

This version includes an online versus mode, allowing you to test your skills against players around the world. You’ll have a stage select that’ll allow you to play at your favorite locations, or to replay areas you feel you could do better on. Switch owners will also be able to take advantage of tabletop mode and rotate player two’s screen 180 degrees so that they can battle face-to-face. An Infinite Jewels mode is also here, allowing you to play continually and without end. The original Genesis version is included with this release.

Ichidant-R was first released for arcades in Japan back in 1994. It’s an interesting spin off from the Bonanza Bros. It features a collection of wacky mini games that are designed to be approached with fast reflexes and sharp thinking. The best part, it’s all set in a fantasy medieval backdrop where you must save the princess from an evil Demon King. Puzzles, actions, it’s all brought together to form a great party game.

Nintendo Switch owners will get to experience 20 unique mini games that can be played both online and off. These games range from conducting an orchestra, shooting down pesky UFOs, and hunting for hidden vampires. The Mega Drive Mode turns the game into an RPG quest mode; it’s also presented with Japanese text only. Competitive Mode is designed as a board game and allows up to four players. Free Mode uses a point-based system.

To stay informed on all of the upcoming future Sega Ages games, make sure your following Sega on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website. Sega Ages is slowly becoming the best way to experience these classic Sega titles, and it’s only a matter of time until both Saturn and Dreamcast start making their way over.

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