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’Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery’ Arriving In February 

  • Coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • Pick it up on February 27th.
  • Will reach you how to play Shogi.


Publisher Kemco has announced that their Shougi mystery adventure Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery will release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on the 27th of February 2020. The physical edition will include a booklet featuring shogi problems, and records of essential shogi games.

Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery is set in the modern world of shogi, and features seven popular real-life shogi players. The plot is written by Hidehisa Miyashita, best known for Folklore. The music is composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, who is known for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations. This is an overhauled version of the origins smartphone game. The deep drama and design were praised, and the developers feel Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery can be enjoyed regardless of shogi ability. This new completed version will have lengthy new scenarios, a shogi classroom, and more.

The story tells about famous players who have been disappearing. A detective sets out to learn what happened to them and the meaning behind “clairvoyance.” At the same time, players will meet an aspiring young man aiming to become a professional shogi player. You’ll be able to explore crime scenes, solve mysteries, and figure who is the one behind all of this. Some special features are as follows:

  • Plenty of real-life shogi players will appear in the game, including supervisor Michio Takahashi (9-dan) and deputy supervisor Manao Kagawa (joryuu 3-dan).
  • This is a detective mystery game that depicts the profoundness of a gambler, and the pains of a young man aiming to become a professional shogi player.
  • The physical edition of the game also includes a premium booklet featuring shogi problems and records of essential shogi games.

There is also a full shogi dictionary and classroom available for players to learn the mechanics. There are also several sample shogi problems to test your knowledge of the rules. The developers hope this will allow newcomers to learn the game of shogi naturally. I’ve never played shogi, I don’t even know what it is, but the developers are adamant that Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery provides tons of information to learn. If you’ve played shogi, how difficult is it?

To stay up to date on Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website. If you’ve played the original smartphone version, how was it? Will you be picking up this version?

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  1. Why is this even getting coverage? Seems like a Japan-only release, that probably won’t see a western release.

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