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Set Sail! New ‘Sea of Thieves’ Update Out Today!

  • Newest free update is absolutely on fire.
  • No, really, everything is up in flames.
  • Crews of Rage brings a new major threat to the open waters.

With the Gilded Voyages that kicked off 2020 now sailing off into the sunset, players of Sea of Thieves have a new free monthly update to venture into. Crews of Rage, the latest update to hit Sea of Thieves has finally raised the curtain on features that were previously teased last week. Announced both through the Sea of Thieves website and revealed in an official content update trailer on YouTube sheds a burning light on the resurfacing of one of Sea of Thieves most anticipated background characters:

The recent return of a certain hot-headed Skeleton Lord is having fiery repercussions around the Sea of Thieves! Skeletons are flocking to Molten Sands Fortress and getting rather ashen along the way, while a new kind of Cursed Chest, the Chest of Rage, is heating things up when it blows its lid. Pirates across the seas are encouraged to take on Bounty Voyages to stop this menace from spreading – and bring plenty of water…


After the initial tease last week with the reveal of the Chests of Rage, speculation began to run rampant that the new update would take us back to Sea of Thieves’ volcanic region Devil’s Roar which first appeared in the Forsaken Shores update. There was also speculation by the community that one of the game’s most notorious background figures Captain Flameheart may make his appearance. The full story of the character is featured in YouTuber Captain Falcore’s video below:


Among the many features of the update includes a gathering army of skeletons at the Molten Sands Fortress, at the behest of none other than Captain Flameheart himself. During this monthly update, all other skeleton fortresses throughout the game have fallen silent, instead massing at the volcanic stronghold deep in the Devil’s Roar. I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue as players find themselves allies of circumstance, and then run the risk of going turncoat on each other should they defeat the evils within. Greed is a big danger in the Sea of Thieves, and when loot is on the line friends may not stay friends for long.

As mentioned last week, the Chests of Rage are a new form of treasure that can be obtained in Sea of Thieves. By accepting Raging Bounty Voyages from Duke at any tavern, players will be sent into the Devil’s Roar to obtain one of these fiery chests. Keep it cool with water and ferry it to your next destination, and then you can use it as a weapon to fight against a number of Flameheart’s minions that are popping up throughout Sea of Thieves. From there you can either sell the chest to the Gold Hoarders for reputation and gold, or you can take it to our masked ‘friend’ at The Reapers Hideout. I still can’t pin down what she’s up to, but an ominous dig site in the middle of nowhere that basically looks like a cult hangout can’t be good in the long run. But, the pay in the short term is more than enough for your pirating needs.

That wraps up the main course of the update, but what about the smaller bells and whistles? There are new tomes for more Ashen rewards so be sure to keep seeking out Ashen Chests and Ashen Keys. New cosmetic items are available in the Pirate Emporium, and stealing the show is this Viva Pinata inspired ship cosmetic package. As with all of Sea of Thieve’s microtransactions, these are limited strictly to cosmetic options.

Rare is continuing to impress with what they’re pouring into Sea of Thieves if you ask me. At launch it was fun, but it was too easy to run out of stuff to do. Now it seems like just as you’re wrapping up the content of one month, the next month rolls up with some new questline to partake in and seeing it slowly expand on the narrative is something exciting to see as well.