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‘Shenmue III’ Backers Are Upset About Not Getting Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Backers will not have access to pre-order bonuses being provided by some outlets.
  • These Backers, despite missing out on these rewards, do have many exclusive rewards.
  • This is just another instance of an event prompting significant backlash.

It appears that, as Shenmue III approaches release, it cannot escape embroiling itself in controversy. First, it was revealed that it was wrapped up in an Epic Games exclusivity deal, and then the ensuing struggle backers had trying to get refunds, rather than patronize the Epic Games Store. Now, Ys Net is under fire for clearing up any uncertainty about exclusive pre-order rewards.

In a Kickstarter update, Ys Net stated that Kickstarter backers will not be receiving these pre-order rewards. This has many in the community split. Some believe that Ys Net is justified, and that the large amount of backer bonuses they get is more than enough to replace these pre-order bonuses. On the other side of the issue, people believe that the backers essentially pre-ordered the game when they backed the campaign to get a copy of Shenmue III, and therefore they should be eligible for the pre-order bonuses.

But, what are these bonuses. If you pre-order the base game, you can net yourself the Kenpogi Training Outfit, the Blazing Kick Advanced Technique Scroll, and the Peking Power Starter Pack. If you pre-order the deluxe edition, you get all that and the Season Pass. As it stands, the Season Pass is something that some people are willing to concede, as it was not something that was ever mentioned in the backer rewards. Some are still upset about that, however, as the content is expected to be story related, likely branching off or expanding on what is in the base game.

Will Shenmue III live up to the hype it has garnered, or will it’s recent controversies mar it’s reputation beyond repair? No one can say for certain, all we know is that people who spent their hard earned cash to help the game get made are not happy with the direction it has taken as it nears the currently set November 19th launch.

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  1. the same thing happened with backers of Bloodstained. its BS (no pun intended), but the retailers are the ones shelling out for the steelbooks and stuff, so its kinda unavoidable? but as someone that backed BS _and_ Shenmue 3….i can say it feels crappy.

  2. Backers are not entitled to anything. I really hope this serves as another lesson in that and people would become more skeptical about crowdfunding games.

  3. If this information was put out earlier in the piece I think they would have been better off. Saying they were adding this, that, and the other thing and seeing who’s paying for what would be nice. That said it should all really depend on what backer level you backed and what it SAYS you get. Did it say you get the game and “all DLC and expansions” or something like that? If so, then yes they should get these things.

    If, on the other hand it said a specific list of things, as long as you’re getting that specific list of things then I don’t see you’re not getting what you paid for. Now as an effort to reward your earliest backers would be it nice to offer these things to your backers? Sure! Of course. But as we say in the sales game, if it’s not on invoice it won’t be in your order.

  4. jiltedvalkyrie on July 23, 2019 at 3:21 am said

    As a backer who put in hundreds of dollars… it sucks, a little…? Yeah, I’m bummed about Epic, but the money they got they were able to add a crapload more of content. I just want the damn game. To hell with the extras. I want the story. Tens of thousands along with me have been waiting almost 20 years for this.

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