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‘Sid Meier’s Civilization VI’ Free Right Now

  • Grab the base game free on Epic Games Store.
  • Platinum Edition upgrade 50% off.
  • Available through May 28th.


If you think about it, humanity has had quite the wild ride haven’t we? From barely surviving, to thriving hunter/gatherers that spread across the world, to eventually seeing the rise and falls of civilizations several times over. Innovation, devastation, rinse and repeat; humanity gets around. One series that has perfectly captured that on a smaller scale since 1991, and that’s Sid Meier’s Civilization. One of the longest-running strategy videogames, much like humanity it’s seen some amazing highs and some incredible lows.

The latest entry Civilization VI first landed in 2016 and has been going strong ever since with two major expansions and several other DLCs following its release. But if you never picked it up before, there’s no better time than now for the low cost of free. The catch, as I’m sure you realize by now is that it comes as part of the Epic Games Store. Still going strong on its promise to bring free-to-keep games to Epic Games Store users, Civilization VI is available to download for free through May 28th. In addition to that, if you want to grab the Platinum Edition Upgrade you can grab it for just $39.99 which is 50% off its normal price of $79.99:

The Platinum Edition Upgrade includes six Civilization & Scenario DLC packs as well as the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions.

Free is always a good thing, and Epic Games knows it. Despite igniting a distribution war between Valve and Epic, the Epic Games Store has been making a strong performance with increasing numbers that has had Steam make its own share of improvements keeping the competition fresh between the two of them. Recently Grand Theft Auto V was available for free on Epic Games Store, the influx of users both current and first time was enough that the Epic Games Store actually crashed at one point and was down for some time before coming back up. Civilization VI hasn’t had quite that influx, but it’s still a big name to release for free and that’s cool to see.

Has the Epic Games Store had a free title or exclusive title that has pulled you into trying the platform? Let us know down below.