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‘Sky Racket’ Is Available Now on Nintendo Switch 

  • Pick it up for $14.99.
  • Also available on Steam.
  • A demo is available on PC.


Developer Double Dash Studios have announced that their action adventure shoot ‘em up Sky Racket is now available for purchase on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. Sky Racket originally released back in October of last year on PC via Steam. The title will cost you $14.99, with the Steam version as part of a bundle that includes the soundtrack at ten percent off. There is also a demo available on Steam, should you want to try the title before buying.

Sky Racket aims to provide players a different gaming experience by mixing the mechanics of shoot ‘em ups and block breakers, in a mix the developers claim is the first, and in a new genre they’ve deemed shmup breaker. Sky Racket will have players fire bullets against foes as they fly over whimsical and colorful worlds. With your laser tennis racket, your stylish scarf, and friends you made, you’ll face off against a horde of fluffy enemies that are dead set on your destruction.

You’ll get to play as RacketBoy or RacketGirl, who are guardians chosen by the Capybara Goddess to save the galaxy from the evil genius tyrant Korrg. You are unable to attack on your own, and instead must hit enemy attacks back at them. Essentially, what you have is an explosive space tennis battle. You’ll blast through hordes of ducks, cat-sandwiches, fluffy bunnies, space robots who have a knack for tennis, and even sentient and living bananas. The developers aim to provide a different experience that they claim is realistic and based on a true story. Other features are as follows:

  • Dodge and dive through fanciful shmup levels! Blast bullets back to break blocks and bust bad guys!
  • Gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation so good it’s BANANAS, literally and figuratively.
  • Co-op multiplayer to share this funky fun with friends!
  • Befriend the best little buddies to aid you in a colorful and whimsical universe!
  • Catchy original soundtrack sure to please 16-bit fans!
  • Bizarre boss battles! No really, they’re very strange…
  • Bullet hell challenges to thrill and test your will!
  • Master the mechanics of rebounding attacks and find creative ways to use your enemies’ weapons against them!

Are you excited for Sky Racket? For those who’ve played it on Steam, would you recommend it? What is the best shoot ‘em up ever released? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Sea of Stars, The Signifier, and Wenija. To stay up to date on Sky Racket, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, and their official website.