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‘Skywind’ Mod Reaching Completion

  • The most ambition mod ever.
  • Seeking volunteers of every experience level.
  • New video shows impressive progress.


Gamers are ambitious, especially those who have a knack for being creative. One of the biggest examples of this comes from the modding community. What started as a simple mod to bring The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind inside The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has transitioned into a developer-level game. This project has been silent for a while, as the team has been quietly progressing, and they’ve now let out a new update trailer. This trailer is just as much as a call for all hands on deck as it is a progress report.

The video begins with discussing where the landscaping of Skywind is at. Those who have been eagerly awaiting this mod will be happy to know that most of all of the environmental assets are complete, and now the team is focusing on polishing and evolving different regions of Morrowind. The philosophy is to make these locations more intriguing, more dangerous, and offer players more rewards for exploring. They’ve been taking advantage of their updated engine’s capabilities to add more detail than what was possible before. Custom weather effects, grasses, and higher textures have been implemented without sacrificing performance.

The majority of the dungeons and interiors are in the process of being tested, finalized, and improved upon. Level design is still waiting on several interior tile sets and models to be completed. Once they have, work on the rest of the dungeon archetypes can begin. This refinement process has allowed for current experiences to feature new mechanics, secrets, and treasures. One of the more difficult aspects of Skywind, has been recreating all of Morrowind‘s assets from scratch. The 3D modeling team have set high standards of visual quality for this mod, and it’s apparent when you see the footage in the video.

The sound of Skywind has been revamped, with new custom UI sounds. The mindset behind the sound has been to make a level of quality that will set itself apart from Skyrim. One aspect that’s of focus is the interior and exterior sound designs and how they’ll play off each other. The example that was showcased was being able to hear weather conditions happening while inside a structure. This adds another layer of realism that complements the mod well. The current sound focus is on spells, object collisions, and footsteps.

Coding, as massive as an undertaking as it’s been, has seen major progress. The team has finished implementing a majority of the perks. Magic has been undergoing deep refinement, with the goal to balance the more complex spells, like levitation. The coding team has also been focusing on making the world feel more real, and NPCs will have schedules and routines. There are still tons of work left to be done, and now is the perfect time to be a part of this project, as they are seeking help from everyone who is willing. No matter your experience level, there is some aspect of this mod that will benefit from your help.

Are you excited for Skywind? How long have you been waiting for this to release? What is your favorite part of The Elder Scrolls? To stay up to date on Skywind, make sure to follow the progress on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and the official website.