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Some Details On ‘Control’ and Epic Games Store Exclusivity

  • Millions in advance.
  • Control continues to be successful for Remedy.
  • This will encourage other developers to partner up.

The Epic Games Store has been winning a lot of developers over to get exclusive rights to have their games on their online store. Despite all the controversies from gamers surrounding the relatively new service, it has been financially prosperous for the developers. How much Epic pays for the exclusivity, and how much it costs, hasn’t been revealed. Now we might have some understanding, at least, for how much was paid to Remedy Entertainment.

The Epic Games Store, according to a financial report from Digital Bros, paid $10.45 million to have Control release exclusively through them. This amount is broken up between developer Remedy and publisher 505 Games at a 45%/55% with Remedy getting the majority. These amounts are different from developers and based on projected sales of a game. Once the sales of the game surpass this advance, Remedy will begin to make more than the roughly $5 million they’ve already received for exclusivity.

Control is the latest game from Remedy, and follows protagonist Jesse as she tries to solve the mystery around a secret government facility and their dealings with AWE’s, Altered World Events. Control has been a massive success for Remedy, and they recently announced a season pass of two expansions and free DLC coming over the course of a year.

To stay up to date with Control, to get more details on these upcoming expansions perhaps, make sure to follow Remedy Entertainment on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website. If you’d like to pick up the game, you can get it on the Epic Games Store here.