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Sony’s State of Play Announcements

  • Medievil is back after 21 years.
  • A game where you play as a sugar glider!
  • FF VII leaves development hell.

In their most recent State of Play, Sony announced several new titles, an expansion, a remake, and a limited edition PlayStation 4. Below are the videos of these reveals in the order they appeared in the State of Play. What I can’t seem to figure out, however, is why their video has almost a third of its bar as dislikes. Maybe as you read along, you can spot something I missed.


The first announcement was a trailer for the Iceborn expansion for Monster Hunter World. This expansion takes place in Hoarfrost Reach and features an all-new story and monsters. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get Iceborn on September 6th, while the PC version will hit Steam sometime this winter.


Up next was Riverbond, a co-op hack-and-slash dungeon crawler set in a cartoonishly blocky world. Up to four players can team up at a time to take on the world of Riverbond, and choose between several crossover skins, such as Raz, from Psychonauts, The Kid, from Bastion, and Shovel Knight… from Shovel Knight! Riverbond is set to release sometime this summer for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.


OK, in all honesty, who on earth would want to play as the “fire team?” Might as well name them the “red shirts.” In any case, the same team behind Friday the 13th: The Game is now making another asymmetrical multiplayer game with Predator: Hunting Grounds. On the upside, what little has been shown in the minute of footage above does reflect a certain respect for the source material, which is more than can be said of most games that get their hands on Alien or Predator licensing. The music and sound effect of vision mode transition–if not the fire team uniforms–are very spot on from the film. Also, that cloaked predator had an extended wristblade on his right arm, a shoulder-mounted plasmacaster on his left shoulder, and cloaked tresses with their own physics! Yes, I’m slightly obsessed with the old films. What is quite worrying however, is a lack of release platform information. All we know is that it will be coming to PS4 some time next year… but what about other platforms? Damn exclusivity deals!


Sir Daniel Fortesque is back from the dead… again! Medievil is a remake of… well, Medievil, a PlayStation 1 title over 21 years old. This remake will be a PlayStation exclusive, and releases right around this Halloween, on the 25th of October.


AWAY: The Survival Series is the first ever game, as far as I know, to feature a sugar glider protagonist. The developers, Breaking Walls, claim that AWAY is inspired by nature documentaries, and have even partnered with award-winning composer and audio director Mike Raznick, who did the music for nature documentaries such as Life and Planet Earth. This game will be available on both PS4 and Steam, but its release date is so far only a mysterious “coming soon.”


This tidbit from the State of Play announcements briefly showcased the limited edition Days of Play PS4. Other than its 1TB hard drive, this appears to be an ordinary slim PS4, except in steel gray. It comes with a matching controller and is expected to hit the shelves in June. I wonder if this item was the cause of the dislikes?


Sony saved what they perceived would be their most exciting announcement for last, and for many fans, it certainly was. For those wonder, there is still nothing close to a release date, but the Final Fantasy VII Remake has resurfaced once again. Originally announced in 2015, this project has certainly hit some speed bumps. More details are supposedly coming this June, around the same time as E3, but since Sony won’t be attending E3, we’ll have to look for their own direct announcements.

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