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Sound Patch In The Works For ‘Deadly Premonition Origins’

  • Hidetaka ‘Swery65’ Suehiro apologizes, but stresses he’s not user support.
  • ‘Deadly Premonition Origins’ has had a sound bug that strikes at random since launch.
  • Patch to be released sometime soon.

Deadly Premonition Origins launched last week following the Nintendo Direct event, where it was revealed in a surprise announcement following the reveal of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise.

While a fairly serviceable port, excelling in some ways and failing in others compared to the original version of the game, Deadly Premonition Origins for the Nintendo Switch has one incredibly glaring issue that seems to strike users at random. There are moments where the audio will cut out at random, whether in a small capacity or completely leaving a player high and dry on narrative context at important moments. Even in my hour hands-on with the game, this audio glitch decided to hit out of nowhere during the later part of the video.

This has seen a flurry of people asking for a patch, understandably so. But, many have gone to Swery65 himself in an effort to get some answers, rather than developer/publisher TOYBOX. Swery65, as he’s more commonly known, is known for his quirky demeanor, his creative influence, and his love of interacting with the fans. But the last few days, that interaction has worn on him a bit, judging by the following series of tweets.

His displeasure doesn’t appear to be with the fans, but rather frustration with TOYBOX on the state of the port. As previously mentioned, the port is a relatively serviceable one if not for that audio issue. But it’s such a major one, and with its tendency to strike at random the effects of the glitch vary from player to player. Here’s hoping it’s fixed soon, for all the Deadly Premonition fans out there.