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Star Trek Attack Wing Animated Series Federation Faction

When last we looked at the Star Trek Attack Wing expansions that were on the horizon, we had a look at a handful of the multi-faction cards in the Animated Series Pack. Well, thanks to some information that has come my way, we can now finish off the Federation faction in its entirety!

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to the card art, so I will bullet point the final additions for your convenience and include what art assets and previously available information that we have.

  • Robert April – Cost 5 – Captain Skill 8: If this card is equipped to a constitution class ship, add 1 to this Captain’s Captain Skill. Action – Target a Crew Upgrade equipped to this ship. Move all Time Tokens from the target Crew upgrade to this card. If that crew upgrade has an action, you may perform that action as a free action.
  • Mr. Spock – Cost 4 – Crew: Combat Phase: Discard this card and spend a Scan Token beside this ship. This ships attacks cannot be cancelled this game round and this ship cannot be prevented from attacking this game round.
  • Christine Chapel – Cost 3 – Crew: Planning Phase: Disable this card or place 3 Time Tokens on this card, and target a Crew Upgrade equipped to this ship. Remove 1 Disabled Token or all Time Tokens from the target Crew Upgrade.
  • Arex – Cost 2 – Crew: When this ship reveals its maneuver dial: Disable this card. Rotate this ship’s maneuver dial to a white or green maneuver of the same speed as the maneuver revealed and perform that maneuver instead.
  • Montgomery Scott – Cost 3 – Crew: Action: Disable this card. Repair up to 1 shield and 1 hull on this ship.
  • Legacy of the Name – Cost 3 – Elite Talent: Can only be equipped to a unique Federation ship with a Federation captain. Free Action: Place 3 Time Tokens on this card. Perform a Battle Stations Action or an Evade Action as a free action. If this card is equipped to a ship with “Enterprise” in its name, you may perform any available action as a free action instead.

Animated Series Faction Pack Box.

Captain Kirk for 5 points with Captain Skill 8, an Elite Talent slot, and an action that puts many other captains to shame; he synergises very well with M’ress, who we will look at in a moment. His action allows him to place a Scan or Battle Station token beside the ship and then perform a Crew Upgrades action as a free action. This is excellent when used in a combo with Crew Spock, who lets a Scan token act as though it were a battle station while also retaining the benefits of a Scan token. The Battle Station, when used with the likes of Scotty, gives you Battle Station conversions and +2 Attack Dice for the round. Throw in a disabled Tactical Station and you’re hitting your “Rule of 3” damage cap and making a far above average attack. A fantastic captain card.

When a Battle Station token is placed beside the ship, remove a disabled token from a Crew Upgrade equipped to this ship. This, when used in conjunction with Captain Kirk as seen above, and Harry Kim (3) means you can get a Battle Station token, 2 Evade Tokens from Harry Kim, and then have M’ress re-enable Harry Kim for the next round. Just one example of how M’ress, a mere 3 point upgrade, is a significant force amplifier for Federation players.

The Animated Series U.S.S. Enterprise brings a very powerful action to the table and a drop in price. It retains the 3 Attack, 1 Defence, 4 Hull and 3 Shields, but loses a Tech Upgrade and gains a Weapon Upgrade while receiving a 2 point decrease from 22 to 20. Given the amount of Crew Upgrades and Captain Upgrades who can add a tech slot to the ship, this isn’t a great loss. But repairing 3 Shields as an Action is a very powerful ability, especially because the ship only comes stock with 3 shields. Throw in some defensive upgrades, and the right crew, and this could be the ship that doesn’t die.

An upgrade that was destined to go on any Constitution class, the Full Power Phaser Barrage brings some considerable power to the table. For 5 points, this attack (which can only be fired at range 2-3) fires at the ship’s printed Value. But if it’s fired from a Constitution class ship, like the  U.S.S. Enterprise, you roll +2 attack dice, for a total of 5 Attack Dice. If your target fails to block at least 2 Damage, you roll and additional 3 Attack Dice and add that damage to your opponent’s ship. In a perfect world, the humble U.S.S. Enterprise could churn out 8 Damage in a single turn. Granted, the three time tokens means you won’t be firing it again for two turns, but when you hit this hard you don’t need constant fire.

Fly safe out there, Captain!