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Star Trek Attack Wing Borg “Resistance is Futile” Preview

A quick rundown for those of you who don’t know what Star Trek Attack Wing is.

Star Trek Attack Wing is a game played out on a 3×3 (or larger) playing area with miniature versions of star ships from the well known series, Star Trek. For example, here’s my USS Constellation from TOS, S2 Ep6 “The Doomsday Machine” with hull damage.

Ships are controlled by movement dials and are equipped with various upgrades, including Admirals and Captains, Tech Upgrades, Weapon Upgrades, Elite Talent, and Crew Upgrades in the form of cards. For example, here’s an Excelsior Class star ship under the command of Christopher Pike with the ship having been built with making every shot count.

With that very brief introduction out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the new content that has been previewed by WizKids for their upcoming “Resistance is Futile” Borg Faction Pack.

Starting with the Borg Queen who comes in at five points for Captain Skill nine and an Elite talent, she comes with a healthy stock of nine Drone Tokens. What’s more, she has access to every Captain Ability in your fleet, provided it requires one or more Drone Token to be used. She’s remarkably versatile and opens up a world of possibilities for the already powerful Borg faction.

Next up, we have the ever recognizable Locutus of Borg for four points, coming in at Captain Skill nine with an Elite Talent slot.

He gets a stock of nine Drone Tokens, but his real usefulness comes from the two other text slots on his card. First of all, he adds two Crew Upgrade slots to whichever ship he is equipped to, and secondly, any Crew Upgrades equipped to the ship don’t pay a faction penalty. What Locutus lacks in actions, he makes up for in the ability to bring whichever units you want, free of any additional penalty.

Next up is the drone gone rogue, Crosis.

He serves as a significant amplifier for three points, adding +1 to your ships Captain Skill, +3 if the Captain is Borg. Crosis also serves as a back-up captain, taking control of the ship and adding five Drone Tokens to his card. While there are better Crew Upgrades to be had for three points, Crosis can help in a discard heavy list.

Next, we have the Operations Drone as a Captain.

Coming in at three points, the Operations Drone has a Captain Skill of six thanks to the six Drone Tokens you’ll place on the card during the setup phase. He comes with an interesting ability that comes into effect during the Planning Phase at Range 1-2. You can spend one of your Drone Tokens to target an enemy ship and place an Auxiliary Power token beside them. Messing with the opponent’s Action economy is always useful, and for a mere three points, the Operations Drone is an affordable option.

For our first new Borg Elite Talent, we have the Ocular Implants for four points.

Truthfully, for four points, I don’t know why a player would ever not take this upgrade. For four points, you get the ability to take a free Battle Station when you take a Target Lock on an enemy ship. This helps to maximize damage output on your weapons that require Target Locks with no extra effort required on your part. A wonderful, and lethal, addition to any Borg fleet.

For the first of three newly revealed ships, we have a new Assimilation Target Prime.

The ship comes in at a whopping 30 points, but comes packed with two Crew Upgrade slots, a Weapon and Tech Upgrade slot as well as a Borg Tech Upgrade slot. It’s also missing the Battle Station action which has been replaced with the always useful Regeneration action.

You can, however, easily get access to that Battle Station by way of the previously mentioned Ocular Implants. At five Attack Dice, one Defense Dice, five Hull and four Shields, the Assimilation Target Prime is nothing to laugh at either. It’s Dual Faction, having both Mirror Universe and Borg functionality, which is particularly useful given its first ability. You don’t pay faction penalties when upgrading this ship, which is great. And whichever Tech Upgrades you choose to add to it all cost -1 Point. Also great.

Next up, for a tremendously large 40 points we have Borg Sphere 634.

The Borg Spheres have always been strong, and this one is no different, packing a six Attack Dice, seven Hull, and seven Shields by default. You lose all defensive abilities such as the Evade action and Defense Dice, but this isn’t such a bad thing when you look at the ship’s ability, which comes into play in the Combat Phase. If there’s a scan token beside your ship, you can discard it to target an enemy ship at Range 1-2; the target ship must then discard a Scan, Battle Station, Evade Token, or Target Lock. So even though the ship can’t take any defensive actions, it can hamper enemy attacks to the point at which it doesn’t need to. A very interesting build for sure.

It comes packing a Crew Upgrade, Weapons Upgrade, Tech Upgrade and two Borg Tech Upgrades. Plenty of space to make a capable ship.

Finally, for the newest Borg preview, we have the Scout 609 Borg Cube.

For only 22 points, the ship comes stocked with three Attack Dice, three Defense Dice, two Hull and four Shields. It’s not terribly durable with that two Hull and four Shields stat, but the added defense dice and the ability to Evade makes this a great ship for running behind your fleet’s main line. This is an excellent support vessel for the Borg Sphere we spoke about above thanks to its incredible healing ability.

As an action, you can target a friendly ship at Range 1-2 and repair one Shield and one Hull. Not one Shield or one Hull, it’s one Shield and one Hull. Having only a Crew Upgrade, Weapon Upgrade, Tech Upgrade, and Borg Tech Upgrade, you don’t get much in the way of customization, but it’s enough to make the ship capable of doing damage.

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