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‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Departs from EA Philosophy

  • Completely single-player experience.
  • No microtransactions.
  • No Frostbite engine.
  • Visceral lightsaber combat.


EA released the trailer above today, a purely narrative demonstration of the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While no gameplay was shown during the trailer, the available information on the game shows promise for a very specific reason–it doesn’t sound like an EA title at all.

For starters, Fallen Order is a wholly single-player experience, which means narrative will be front and center in terms of importance. The story as we know it so far revolves around Cal Kestis, a padawan that managed to survive the purge of Order 66. As seen in the trailer above, Cal lives in hiding since the purge, doing his best to avoid any imperial entanglements until he slips up in a strikingly similar moment to Magneto from X-Men: Apocalypse.

Another deviation from EA’s standard fare is that Fallen Order has not been forced to use the Frostbite engine, which is notoriously difficult to work with. Instead, Respawn Entertainment was able to use Unreal 4, meaning well documented and reliable coding. On top of that, it has already been confirmed by the developers that there will be no microtransactions.

How Respawn managed to escape the crushing influence of their publisher was actually revealed by EA on Reddit, where they bravely still post despite receiving the most downvoted comment of all time in regards to another one of their Star Wars titles. Respawn was acquired by EA after Fallen Order was already in development, thus why it looks like something that doesn’t belong to the recipient of the “Worst Company in America” award for two years in a row.

Gameplay is said to involve an “innovative lightsaber combat system – striking, parrying, dodging – partnered with a suite of powerful Force abilities you’ll need to leverage to overcome obstacles that stand in your way,” and since this system sounds almost Souls-like, I must include that there has been no mention of an easy mode so far.

You can follow along for more information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the official website.  Fallen Order launches on November 15th of this year. It is available for pre-order through Amazon (links below) Xbox One, PS4, and not Steam.

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  1. I love a good Star Wars narrative and one that focuses on Jedi or Sith is even better but I absolutely HATE when they make it during that 20 year span between Episodes III and IV. I mean there is legitimately thousands of years of history they could put it but it seems like all these non-KoTOR games can’t explore it. I like a good original story that is independent from the movies entirely but it doesn’t look as if this will be one of them. I just hope it doesn’t go the route of the Force Unleashed and tie directly into the movies. I won’t deny I am interested in seeing where this goes though and that’s mostly from the combat system they’re talking about.

    That being said it’s still being published by EA and I have a standing “wait and see” order that I’ve been following since Mass Effect Andromeda so we’ll see.

  2. They are saying all the right things, but this still has the EA logo plastered everywhere, so I’m staying away from it.

    Plus I doubt Disney can produce a decent Star Wars narrative judging by their latest outings.

  3. Jordandionn on April 15, 2019 at 8:48 pm said

    I’m hopeful for that Witcher 3 inspired Star Wars game but idk

  4. Sounds to good to be true, but hey if they can really manage developer this game a part from frostbite will be a huge thing! Can be a first step from the oppression EA put on developers.

  5. sold, ps4 will be for me.

  6. Nekudemus on April 16, 2019 at 7:22 pm said

    i want to stay away from it… but i dont know if i can…
    but im not gona preorder, thats for sure.

  7. This is great news. I hope this game gets tons of sales to prove to EA that gamers want single player experiences with no microtransactions.

    I seriously can’t believe that EA is actually doing this.

  8. WeirdoWithaCello on April 18, 2019 at 8:20 pm said

    As a fan of the Titanfall series, I have a lot of faith in Respawn. Still, I would much rather Fallen Order be EA’s second single-player Star Wars game.

    Press F for Visceral.

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