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Step Up Your Game: Tips For Upgrading Your Game Room

They say that a home is like a castle, its inhabitants like royalty. But for every king or queen-sized bed, for every porcelain throne, there needs to be a place to escape from the humdrum of the workday and just settle in and relax.

For gamers, that place is in front of a console, computer, or at a tabletop with friends. Some of us take it the extra step and have a whole room dedicated to our hobby; if you find yourself in that crowd, here are some handy tips to take your game space from just another room, to a full on conversation piece.


Nothing is more boring than a room with empty walls. While hallways and other rooms may have pictures of family, friends, various holidays and vacations, there is more than enough decorations out there centered around gaming to really make your walls pop. Many posters are readily available through, but another place I like to check out is

Displate is a site that sells metal posters at reasonable prices, and has frequent 25% to 30% of sales on their products, and their line of different gaming plates from various artists is incredibly impressive.


This part will be the easiest for everyone, you may have one or two pieces around already. Over the years games will come along that either have collector’s editions with interesting pieces. Some games also come out with merchandise that comes along as well. With this, you can have as many or as few as you want, even just one or two sitting on a desktop goes a long way.

My advice is: don’t focus on rarity; a rare piece here and there is fine, but you don’t want to break the bank only going for rare pieces. You just want it to look nice.


The former two things don’t matter much, if you lack proper lighting. Whether it be desk lamps or LED lighting, a little goes a long way. A fun piece of lighting are neon signs or miniature marquee lighting, which run a bit more expensive but have a more personalized touch to them. You don’t need anything fancy, you just need them to be the illumination your room needs. That being said, throwing some colored LED strips on the underside of your desk or on the back of your entertainment center isn’t only eye catching, when switched to the default white-light, it’s perfect for getting in behind your systems and making sure all the connections are good to go.


Above all, no matter how much or how little you incorporate, the most important thing is organization. Wire control, console order, game alphabetization, etc. Each and every extra step you take to keep your game room looking organized and tidy goes a long way to presentation value. We left the stereotypes that games are ‘just for kids’ when most of the kids grew up not so long ago; you don’t want your game space to look like a child’s mess, but an adult’s passion, a respectable place to enjoy a respectable hobby.

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  1. I don’t have that many posters in my gaming room, but my game shelves are something to behold. They are filled with my games collection and various figurines from collectors editions. I also think that having 5 different monitors in a single room is also somewhat peculiar.

    • Abyss9000 on July 29, 2019 at 2:04 am said

      You can never have too many monitors. (So long as you have enough gpus to plug them all into.) I’m upto 7 I’m proud to say using 2 seperate PCs (I always keep my last gen PC as a backup PC in case my current one has something go bad in it.) I only have 6 gpu HDMI/DP ports between them so the 7th is acting as a “whatever” screen.

  2. All my posters are maps of in game worlds. It’s an odd obsession

  3. Hmh. “Setup your game.” -> The only thing I associated with the first sentence was making Amiga Emulator work properly with high-end games. Which sometimes took hours.

  4. Type text should allow people to upload their game room pictures. I’m super proud of my game room it’s super cool…

  5. I have less gaming stuff when it comes to posters but my lighting is not the best, however I do have an assortment of Doom related stuff and bunch of dragon figurines I collected in the past which look nice on the top of my computer desk.

  6. Well..I don’t have a gameroom per say but I do have a corner of our family room dedicated to ALL things HALO complete with a nearly 4 ft Master Chief collectable.

  7. When it comes to collectibles it takes it up a notch if you put lighting on them, Instead of a pile on your desk. A corner cabinet with lights really sets off your Super Sonico collection.

  8. This would have been a good article to link stuff lol.

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