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‘Straimium Immortaly’ Gets Release Dates for Consoles

  • Releasing all throughout December.
  • Already available on PC.
  • A roguelike shoot ‘em up.


Developer Caiysware and publisher Digerati have announced that their Shoot ’em up roguelike, with dungeon crawling elements, Straimium Immortaly will be releasing on the 17th and 18th of December in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4. Xbox One owners can pick up the title on the 24th of December, while Nintendo Switch consumers can get it on the 25th of December. Straimium Immortaly originally released on PC via Steam back in October 2016.

Straimium Immortaly is filled with bosses and beasts to fight in this bizarre, yet vibrant roguelike. Players are armed with a jetpack and a plethora of weapons at their disposal. They will also find many power-ups scattered about. In Straimium Immortaly, you are a lone warrior who sets off to fight against the forces of the Queeni Emperess. You’ll need to be precise with your shots, agile enough to avoid enemy attacks, and secure tons of loot that’ll increase your chances of surviving the Cubicus.

Players will get to explore a world unlike they’ve experienced before, and it’ll be filmed with challenges as it’s procedurally generated with rooms filled with monsters of the Cubicus. The art style manages to capture the look and feel of classic titles, such as Forgotten Worlds, but its use of color enhances everything on the screen. The developers didn’t settle on the retro-inspired pixels that other indie games have popularized, they’ve gone out of their way to make their title stick out, and it does. Other features are as follows:

  • Fly quickly, carry a big gun: From the Ionic Laser to the lightning-blasting Electra Casta, wield an arsenal of 25-plus upgradeable weapons and 50-plus items.
  • Unleash ninja powers: Discover and harness a variety of mysterious shinobi abilities.
  • KO XL baddies: Defeat a myriad of huge monstrous bosses in your bid to rid the galaxy of Queeni taint!
  • Your fight, your way: Unlockable classes, mutators, cheats, and hats. Level seeds and size options to customize your run. Boss Rush mode, Incursion mode, and more.
  • A whole ton of stats: Keep track of your progress through leaderboards, achievements, and compendiums of enemies, bosses, weapons, items, and more.

Has Straimium Immortaly won you over? For those who played it on PC, would you recommend it? What is the best shoot ‘em up of all time? To stay up to date on Straimium Immortaly, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and their official website.

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