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‘Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg’ Releasing This Week

  • Pick it up on Friday May 22nd.
  • Will be available on Steam.
  • Lead the German Armed Forces in turn-based battle.


Developer Starni Games will release their upcoming World War II strategic historical simulation title Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg tomorrow on the 22nd of May on PC via Steam. This is a turn-based title that aims to bring a modern look, as well as new features, to the tried and true war themed gaming genre. Players will lead the German Armed Forces to overcome unthinkable odds, and claim the ultimate bittersweet victory in Europe.

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg has been created with an attention to detail that history enthusiasts will respect. To set the tone, and to feel the aftermath of each event, cinematics will play before and after every operation. That has also been designed to add more depth and immersion to the historical events players will take part of. Scenarios will also have side objects for players to take care of, nothing intrusive, but it’s designed for those who want more out of the title, to get exactly that. Players will learn that the gameplay is plot-driven, and will feature many historical personalities, such as: Franz Halder, Heinz Guderian, Erich von Manstein, Erwin Rommel, Karl Dönitz, Wilhelm Canaris, Hermann Göring, and others. This is the second installment on the series. The first entry, The Pacific, focused on naval warfare, whereas this entry will focus more on the continental battles fought by German troops. Other features are as follows:

  • You will have the opportunity to command ground, air, and naval forces with the emphasis on the land battles. 
  • Modern 3D graphics brought by UE4 engine with detailed models of all the units, day/night cycle and weather effects.
  • You can upgrade and customize your troops by leveling them up and selecting skills that best suit your strategy. Moreover, you can equip your troops with additional equipment for each operation to better suit both your strategy and the war theatre.
  • You will gain a number of awards throughout the game and get access to unique HQ skills, which you can learn to increase the efficiency and synergy of your troops.
  • You can acquire new units of various types, or upgrade your existing ones. All new units and equipment are available at historically accurate moments of the campaign.
  • You can take numerous trophies and use some of the enemy`s most advanced units against him in future battles.
  • While we strive for historical accuracy, we also allow you to explore various “what if’s” and see what could have happened should the German Armed forces be even more successful in their struggle for dominance over the European continent.
  • Storytelling cinematics, as well as in-operation dialogues with full voice over, will help you get a better feeling of the epochal events.
  • Full content, no “pre-made DLC nonsense” and long-term support. You pay once for a full game and enjoy all the benefits without any additional pesky transactions. That includes new updates and some additional content and support along the way. While we reserve the right to add extra DLC content in the future, that will in no way take away from you the whole experience of the game.

Are you excited for Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg? Will you be picking it up? Do you enjoy war themed titles? What are some of the best strategy titles you’ve ever played? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Partisans 1941, Little Witch Nobeta, and FIGHT KNIGHT. To stay up to date on Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg, make sure to follow the developers on Facebook and their official YouTube channel.