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‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Nintendo Direct Showcases New Features

  • Nintendo Direct focused heavily on new features arriving in the game.
  • Super Mario Maker 2 will feature co-op building, a story mode, and several new features.
  • All online features appear to require a Nintendo Online Subscription.

Nintendo had a direct live stream discussing their upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 in depth. The roughly fifteen minute presentation showed off a slew of new changes and features arriving in the game. On the most significant level, the game will feature a story mode, co-op building, and a competitive multiplayer game mode. The game is also introducing several new and classic Super Mario features, such as the Angry Sun, Slopes, and Bonsai Bullet Bill, as well as new features like on/off switches.

They are also introducing a whole new style of stage based on the more recent games in the franchise, Mario 3D World. These stages are designed differently than other stages, and changing to this style resets your work as a result. These stages can make use of features like Banzai Bill being fired towards the screen, crates which can float on water, and lava, as well as the Cat Mario suit, which allows players to climb walls, scratch enemies, and pounce across levels.

One major change to the previous title should come as no surprise. Uploading a level to the internet for all to see requires a Nintendo Online membership, and playing these levels will likely require one as well, although it was not stated in the presentation.

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