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‘Surviving the Aftermath’ Coming Late 2020

  • More information coming on October 19th.
  • Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • PC release comes through the Epic Games Store.


Paradox Interactive has announced that the latest entry in their Surviving series, called Surviving the Aftermath, will come sometime in late 2020. This post apocalyptic survival game, where you also build colonies, will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Surviving the Aftermath will also be apart of Xbox Game Preview and Epic’s Early Access sometime this year.

Other than a brief teaser trailer for the game, not much has been said. More information on Surviving the Aftermath is scheduled to be announced at the PDXCON 2019 Announcement Show, which will be broadcasted live on Twitch at 4:00 a.m. ET on October 19. This latest game follows the well received Surviving Mars and the gameplay found there will give us an idea of how Surviving the Aftermath will play.

Surviving Mars is the perfect game to allow you to build a colony on Mars based off real Martian data. You are in charge of creating resources, managing them, constructing domes, and other buildings. You must also maintain and protect the people who inhabit this slowly growing city. It’s a constant need to monitor water, oxygen, shelter, and food for the citizens. If this wasn’t enough, the game has its own scenarios called mysteries that dynamically adds realistic natural and civil elements to the game. This includes things like plagues, rival corporations, war, aliens, etc. Resource centers that have deposits of materials that can be sent back to Earth, like rare metals, are subjected to natural disasters like meteor storms.

Surviving the Aftermath looks as if it takes place on Earth but after some sort of catastrophe. Instead of going to another planet to inhabit it, you’ll have to rebuild the human race on the planet they began. The developers have stated that they knew they had something special based off of the sales of Surviving Mars and are eager to show fans the new mechanics they’re bringing to survival management gameplay. The game has sold tremendously well, especially in 2019 when the Green Planet expansion released in May and saw the monthly active player count increase times eight. You can read more about the developers success and excitement here.

Aside from keeping an eye on this upcoming Twitch Livestream, make sure you follow the developers on Twitter Facebook and their official website to stay up to date on everything surrounding the Surviving series.