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‘Synergia’ Releasing in July

  • Pick it up on Steam.
  • Described as a Yuri thriller.
  • A cyberpunk themed visual novel RPG.


Developer Radi Art and publisher Top Hat Studios Inc are expected to release their upcoming casual visual novel cyberpunk themed simulation RPG Synergia sometime this July on PC via Steam. Synergia is an experience for those who are looking for a Yuri thriller that is told in a future that is vibrant and beautiful, full of neon aesthetics, and during a time where love could be the ultimate crime. There is currently a demo available on Steam, if you’d like to give the title a try.

The story of Synergia follows Cila, a veteran cop who has a poor outlook on life, and who also tends to have anger issues. She expects nothing from life, besides the annoyance that is the smell of ozone, the blinding neon lights, and steam that seeps out of the manholes. Things take a slight turn when a shady friend replaces her broken house droid as a favor. This new one, called M.A.R.A., is more efficient, and remarkably perceptive. It doesn’t take long for this new unit to break through Cila’s toughness and slowly heal her inner wounds. The two form a bond, and as they begin to forge this new relationship, M.A.R.A. catches the interest of the technological giant Velta Labs. Players will head to war with this organization, as they aim to protect UCLA’s house droid. Other features are as follows:

  • Nearly 100 combined, unique backgrounds and CGs.
  • 20+ characters, all with interesting backgrounds and personalities deeply woven into the narrative.
  • An estimated 6-9 hours of gameplay.
  • A unique, vibrant art aesthetic that pervades the neon dystopian setting of the game.
  • A beautiful, vivid soundtrack that complements the game’s aesthetic, composed by one of the composers of Katawa Shoujo and Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story.
  • Choices that deeply affect the protagonist’s journey and world around them, with multiple endings.

Are you excited for Synergia? Will you be picking it up? What are some of your favorite visual novel titles? For those who’ve tried the demo, what are your impressions of it? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Waking, Hunter’s Arena: Legends, and Ancestors Legacy. To stay up to date on Synergia, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and their official website.