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‘System Shock 3’ Has Shocking News

  • Yes, System Shock 3 is still in development.
  • OtherSide Entertainment announces Tencent steps in to publish.
  • How shocked are you?


System Shock 3’s journey so far has been a strange one indeed. From a promising teaser in March 2019 to a state of near flatlining by the end of the year with reports of layoffs and turmoil at OtherSide Entertainment and a general air of uncertainty about the project heading forward. A post on RPGCodex from a former developer had gone as far as to state the following when things were really going downhill:

The only reason I’m posting is because I saw so much confusion about the state of the company and the project I thought some first person information would be welcome. I never suggested we were halfway done, core systems are a great foundation for a game but most of the work is content development which we were critically behind in, both in real assets and in tool support for an efficient pipeline.

Was the failure of the project right? It’s hard to say. If Starbreeze hadn’t gone into crisis I think we would’ve delivered something interesting with some fresh and innovative gameplay, but a much smaller game than what people were expecting and inevitably disappointing for a sequel to such a beloved franchise.

Those high expectations drove a lot of expensive experimentation. We were a small team and knew we couldn’t compete with current immersive sims in production quality and breadth, so we had to be creative and clever and weird. And we were on our way to make something unique and possibly fun, but probably not what the audience was hungry for.

After that, things largely went quiet. The December 2019 revelations took a few months to hit the media, and by that point there was already a significant radio silence out of OtherSide Entertainment on the future of System Shock 3. That came to a head on May 20th, with a sudden revelation that publisher Tencent Holdings has signed onto the project. 

It’s a surprising announcement, but also not that surprising at all as these days it seems like wherever you look Tencent isn’t far away. Companies large and small have been forming business relationships with the China-based company with a significant uptick in the last few years, moves that have brought both cheers and concern from the gaming community across the globe. What are your thoughts on Tencent stepping in? Does System Shock 3 have a new lease on life, or do you feel it will be adversely affected? Let us know down below.