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‘Tangle Tower’ Available Now For Apple Arcade

  • Solve a murder in a strange and twisted mansion.
  • Playable right now with Apple Arcade subscription.
  • Releasing on other consoles in October.


SFB Games might be best known for creating Switch launch exclusive Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! Now the studio has released their new game, titled Tangle Tower. This new game is a mystery adventure game and has released for Apple’s Apple Arcade subscription service, a service that costs $4.99 a month.

Tangle Tower will have the player go through a strange and twisted mansion as they explore, find clues, interrogate suspects, and solve puzzles. It’s your job to solve the murder of Freya Fellow, who was found dead under a painting depicting a figure holding a knife. The game will have different locations to explore, from what are being called bizarre gardens to the crime scene itself. Some highlights being touted are:


  • A fully voiced and animated cast of characters.
  • Atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack.
  • Beautiful digitally painted environments to explore.

If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you can play the Tangle Tower now. If you don’t have an iPhone or don’t want to subscribe to any service and still want to play the game, it’ll be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on October 11th. You can add it to your Steam wishlist here . To know more about the game, see what’s coming next from the developers, follow their official site. To keep track of what’s coming to Apple Arcade, follow the official Twitter account.