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‘Tangletorn’ Coming to PC

  • Will release on Steam.
  • A roguelike deck-building adventure.
  • Control two protagonists to stop the cycle.


Colorado based developer Super Nothing has exceeded its Kickstarter goal for their roguelike deck-building title Tangletorn. There are still 25 days left to back the project, and more additions can still be added should the reach extra monetary thresholds. Tangletorn is expected to release on PC via Steam.

Tangletorn allows players to control two protagonists, each with varying responsibilities and abilities. One of these is a seer, a person made of flesh and bone, and the other is a daemon, a being that is bound by magic. You’ll use card-based combat and special card combinations to defeat enemies by sword or spell. Tangletorn will have you choose a character, develop their strengths, and attempt to defeat the strongest figures of all time. The hex-based map is perfect for exploration, and you’ll travel to different regions and climates. There are hundreds and thousands of tiles, each one with an event. These events can be encounters, discoveries, and dungeons. There are also powerful relics to discover, and they’ll aid you in battle.

Your actions and decisions, whether you find victory or defeat. Will all affect the world of Skyr. You will not only affect the future ages of the world, but also the lives of your characters. This will event affect their reincarnation. Tangletorn may allow players to break the cycle and end the eternal collapse of Skyr, which can bring peace for all ages. However, to do so, players will need to overcome various obstacles. A summary of the story is as follows:

Until now, collapse was the only certainty in each rebirth of the world of Skyr. All people passed away to reincarnate as before; all lands dissolved and reassembled. All lives and deeds blended together in the millennia of ages, and the victory of one great force only heralded the return of the other. So it had been for all time, and so it was ever to be.

But at the heart of this ever-collapsing world, a handful of heroes move by their own direction – opposite kinds tangled together, torn from all kin. They stand at the wheel of fate; and as it turns, they have the power to sway the course of all future ages. They are the Tangletorn.

Is Tangletorn something you’re interested in playing? What are some of the best card-based titles out there. What are your thoughts on Kickstarter? To stay up to date on Tangletorn, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter and Facebook.