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The 10 Best Video Game Review Channels on YouTube

Growing up, I had subscriptions to all the video game magazines. Tips & Tricks, GamePro, Game Informer, Nintendo Power, Xbox Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, the works. I was close with the librarians in my high school, and at the end of every school year, they’d let me have all the back issues of PC Gamer that they had. Reading video game magazines was one of my favorite pastimes as a kid, and I always read them from cover to back.

But as every reader of Exclusively Games knows all too well, the video game journalism industry is pretty hot. And not because Eminem came in and did a 16-Bars feature for IGN, but because video game journalism is an absolute dumpster fire now.

Some video game journalism outlets won’t let go of GamerGate. Others are more interested in engaging in pseudo-activism than they are in doing their job and writing about video games. Others are so god-awful at video games that the only value their reviews hold is as things to have a good laugh at. So yeah, you could say that good video game reviewers are in very short supply.

Thankfully (Well kind of–YouTube isn’t exactly a great platform right now), YouTube exists, and with that comes many video game content creators who are picking up the slack of the mainstream video game journalism industry.

Unlike the journos we all cringe so much at the mere mention of, there are plenty of good folks on YouTube who deliver outstanding reviews for pretty much every kind of video game you can think of. From horror adventures, to RPGs, to waifu high school rail shooters (I’m not kidding. Japan is awesome, but also very weird), old school games and new releases, YouTube has it all.

These people don’t complain about the representation or the supposed lack thereof in video games. They don’t whine about a new release not having enough real-world social and or political interjection in its plot or characters. They focus on what matters: the story, the mechanics, the technical stability, whether they think a game is good, and why.

Add in the abundance of visual aid that YouTube reviewers supply when doing their reviews, and you can see why video game content on YouTube is doing so well. YouTube reviews are, in my opinion, the best way to fully experience a video game review.

I took the time to compile a list of who I think are the best of the best on YouTube. Before anyone asks, this list will not have any channels that do retrospectives or critiques. This is strictly a review channel list. So, no Matthewmatosis or Critical Nobody.

That being said, let’s get started!

10. William Strife

For years, William Strife was primarily a walkthrough and strategy guide type of guy. In the past year, he’s made some changes to his channel and started to delve into video game reviews.

Since dialing down on his walkthrough videos, his uploading has decreased considerably. However, armed with his trademark liquid gold voice (Which if he isn’t using for voice acting in some capacity is a dang shame), and straight to the point review style, I think William Strife is a great new addition to the world of YouTube video game reviews.

#9–J’s Reviews

Whenever possible, the channel’s intro video will be used to explain what’s going on.

#8–Rad Rat Video

In this intro, we get the channel creator himself.

#7–Pikasprey Yellow

People more than likely know of Pikasprey Yellow thanks to his Can You Beat Pokemon videos, but turns out the guy does reviews too. And he’s good at them.

As you might guess from a guy who uploads videos of him intentionally trying to find ways to break video games, Pikasprey Yellow is very thorough in his reviews and why games do or not work. He’s got a thing for Castlevania games, but also has the oddball videos for Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Travel and the long-since-forgotten in the west, Duel Masters game. Pikasprey Yellow has also built up a little niche for himself in reviewing fan-made games, so if that’s your thing, then this is your guy.


And this guy covers table-top games!


Some people get their information across in creative ways.


Some channel creators put their best foot forward as their intro movie.

#3–Gaming Pastime

Criminally under the radar, the quality of Gaming Pastime’s reviews, as well as the speed in which they upload them, are matched by few and surpassed by none. These guys review a lot of video games, and they cover old and new video games of every genre. They also tend to review an entire series of games back to back, which is great if you’re deciding to pull the trigger on a franchise bundle deal on Steam or GOG.


Formerly a Kazakhstani boxer, but now a government suit living the dream in Australia, GManLives is an Aussie who loves FPS games, talking about Reuben sandwiches, and calling people Sonny Jim. Not necessarily in that order.

GManLives is primarily known as the FPS review guy, and for good reason. You can count on GMan to review any and every past, present, and future FPS game and mod that you can think of. And he’s the best at it too.


The showstopper channel! Hopefully you enjoy their take on Outer Worlds.

Did your favorite video game reviewers make the list? If not, let us know in the comment section who you like to watch the most!