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The Demons of ‘DOOM Eternal’ With Hugo Martin

  • Nearly 20 minutes of demon summoning goodness.
  • Hugo Martin discusses new creations and classic designs.
  • “You are Obi-Wan, and this is your Darth Maul.”

Even though I do relatively well at managing my hype, these days I have to admit, DOOM Eternal makes it hard to keep that hype in check. With the exception of DOOM 3’s expansion DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil I’ve never had a DOOM experience that has ever felt lackluster. With DOOM Eternal looking to expand upon the narrative from the 2016 reboot of the series, bringing more life not just to the Doom Slayer but to the forces of evil he turns to a bloody pulp beneath his heels, I get a bit more pumped with each new gorey detail spattered against a the nearby walls.

In a recent sit-down with the Noclip YouTube channel, Hugo Martin (who previously spoke about the length of the upcoming title) spills some much-needed information on returning demons and completely new creations. While only a sample size of just what players will be up against as the legions of Hell invade Earth, the nearly 20-minute video is a dive into the inner workings of the game and just how it’s not just mindless gunplay, but a bullet ballet of carnage and ultimate destruction.


An early highlight in the video is discussing the Hellified Soldier enemy type. In DOOM 2016, this enemy type was referred to as Possessed Soldiers and looked like amalgamations of the humans they once were with demonic essence flowing through their bodies which effectively gave them the appearance of a roid-raging psychopath armed to the teeth with energy weapons. It was an awesome design to be sure, but series veterans were really missing the more traditional looks of the possessed humans. Before DOOM 2016, possessed humans retained their human features with the changes being mostly noted in a change of colors in their eyes and lifeless looks in their faces. DOOM Eternal is bringing their design back closer to the original, right down to the trademark green hair. They’re also getting attack buffs, so that even though they’re still a low-grade threat to the Doom Slayer, they can still mess him up if the player isn’t careful.

The best part of the video hits at around the video’s 13-minute mark where Hugo Martin more formally introduces the Marauder. Seen in a previous trailer, and causing much speculation, the Marauder is described by Hugo as Darth Maul to Obi-Wan. It’s revealed you’ll face him a number of times over the course of the game and that he’s designed to make you apply everything you know about DOOM into the encounters. It sounds like the forces of Hell have finally offered a fight-fire-with-fire champion to really give players a challenge. Let’s hope that the battles with Marauder are as intense as they sound like they’ll be. DOOM Eternal is set to launch March 20th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.