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‘The Division 2’ Is Finally Going to Finish What the Original Started

  • Warlords of New York will take players back to some familiar places.
  • Experience Manhattan after the snow is long gone.
  • Face off with The Division’s enigmatic Agent Keener.

If you played through the original Tom Clancy’s The Division all the way to completion, then you were probably motivated by a combination of enjoying exploring Manhattan, fighting increasingly stronger enemies, and seeing the story fleshed out through a series of data recovery activities as well as the main storyline. However, there was one big elephant in the room for the original entry to The Division and that was how it all ended. 

After dozens of hours investigating the events in Manhattan and ending up on the trail of a rogue Division agent, it ends up cutting off with a huge cliffhanger that’s never fully addressed in any of the content added over the game’s lifespan. When The Division 2 released, lanes had largely shifted to not just a new location, but an almost entirely new threat. While The Division 2 improved a lot over The Division, there were still plenty of veteran players wondering just why the main plot of the first game was left the way it was. After a long wait, it seems like we have our answer as The Division 2’s new DLC Warlords of New York is going to take everyone back to their old stomping grounds.


New York, where the events of the first Division game was set, is under threat of a new, devastating biochemical attack. While The Division was answering the distress call in Washington, D.C., Aaron Keener, a former Division Agent turned Rogue, has taken control of Lower Manhattan and is manipulating the factions of New York with the help of dangerous Rogue Agents. As society rebuilds on the ashes of the Black Friday outbreak, in Keener’s eyes, so do the binds of authority that burden it. Armed with a new strain of the virus that crippled the world, Keener intends to unshackle society from the establishment. Despite numerous remaining threats, The Division’s priorities have changed. Keener needs to be stopped. The hunt is on. 

Revisiting Manhattan and wrapping up loose ends looks like it could end up being the highlight of The Division 2’s overall plotline. It’s clear that Agent Keener has been busy since we last saw him and his insurrection with fellow disenfranchised agents has made the perfect threat for players to encounter. 

Along the way we’re also going to see familiar faces, some of which seem to have changed for the better while others have taken a turn for the worst. I have to be honest, this DLC is the first offering from The Division 2 that actually has me excited. The Division 2 isn’t a bad game, but despite the improvements it just didn’t reel me in as much as the original and I think it was that delay in tying up the original story that contributed to that. After that long running cat and mouse chase through the original, I may actually return to The Division 2 for Warlords of New York to finally bring the rogue agent to justice. Are you a fan of either entry into The Division franchise? What do you think of this new DLC? Will you be checking it out March 3rd?