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The Most Realistic Aquarium Simulator Gets Steam Early Access This Month

  • The only photorealistic aquarium simulator in existence.
  • Manage populations of fish and plants.
  • Decorate your aquarium with anything you can imagine. 


You read that title right–the most realistic aquarium simulator is within your grasp. As of July 23rd, no longer must you resign yourself to the high octane gameplay of EuroTruck Simulator 2, or the political intrigue of Railroad Corporation, for Biotop Aquarium Simulator will have entered early access through Steam.

The daredevils at 2tainment GmbH have promised that their game is the “first and only photorealistic aquarium simulator to date,” and that you’ll be able to “create populations of fishes and plants and actively influence their complete life cycle.” Below follows developer descriptions and features from this never-before-seen type of game:

Face strategic challenges and manage the expansion and operation of the aquarium, with a limited budget. Cultivate, breed and trade in fishes and plants.

Use authentic equipment such as filters pumps and lamps to preserve your biotope and create ideal living conditions for your fishes and plants.

Many decorative objects are available to you to make beautiful and unusual biotopes.

Depending on the quality and performance of the individual components, their durability and impact on the entire ecosystem of the aquarium will change.

  • Entry: Choose from three Starter Kits: Empty Tank (Tutorial), Amazon or Malawi Aquarium
  • Budget: Use your monthly budget and keep an eye on the statistics!
  • Shopping: Browse the Blue World Store
  • The building blocks of life: Breed healthy and robust animals to increase the DNA rating of your fishes to the maximum!
  • Stress reduction: Take care of your fishes and keep their stress levels low. A stressed fish will quickly get sick and will not reproduce.
  • Decorate your aquarium: Create your biotope according to the preferences and needs of your fishes, and they will thank you with good breeding values and offspring.
  • Complete quests and earn additional budget for the expansion of the aquarium.

In case you find yourself unable to wait the full 10 days for realistic aquarium action, you can read more through Facebook, Twitter, and the official website. At the moment, it’s looking like this one is only going to be available for PC, so console players, if there was ever a time to make the switch, it would be now.

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  1. As a fish tank owner/maintainer I have to say I don’t want realism. I don’t want cleaning tanks and dead fish. Can’t I just have a photo realistic tank without the work?

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