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‘The White Door’ Available Now on Mobile

  • Pick it up on iOS, Android, and Steam.
  • Will cost you $2.99.
  • A mature title on mental health.


Independent developer Rusty Lake, which is also the name of the mysterious and abnormal world that they’ve created, have released their new Rusty Lake adventure title The White Door. You can pick up The White Door on PC via Steam, Android via the Google Play Store, and on iOS via the Apple App Store for $3.99. The goal of the developers for The White Door was to create a narrative based title that featured interesting gameplay options. 

In these series of stories, The White Door takes a more personal and emotional approach. You’ll see the story of Robert Hill unfold, a man who wakes up in a Mental Health Facility. Robert suffers from severe memory loss, and you’ll get to follow his daily routine. Players will also get insight to his dreams, and they’ll have to find ways to try and recall the forgotten memories. The White Door uses traditional point and click adventure mechanics, and it comes from the same team that made Cube Escape. Other features are as follows:

  • Pick-up-and-play: Easy to start but hard to put down
  • Interactive storyline: Follow a daily routine and recollect memories in a playful way, filled with brain teasers and riddles
  • A unique Rusty Lake split-screen adventure: Experience Robert Hill’s stay in Rusty Lake’s Mental Health facility with an innovative split-screen gameplay
  • Absorbing atmosphere: Each day in the facility has its own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of unexpected and surrealistic events
  • Immersive and haunting soundtrack: Atmospheric theme songs composed by Victor Butzelaar
  • Special achievements: The White Door has more secrets to unravel! If you have Questions, glitches, bugs? Let us know!

Developer Rusty Lake really put themselves on the map with the release of Cube Escape. Cube Escape is an eerie and atmospheric focused point and click adventure that emulated the feeling brought on by participating in escape rooms. There are currently ten Cube Escape titles that take place within the Rusty Lake universe. The latest entry in the series is Cube Escape: Paradox, and it can be found on mobile devices as well.

Will you be picking up The White Door? Have you played a title from developer Rusty Lake? If so, which is your favorite entry? Do you enjoy titles that aim to tackle mature themes, like depression? To stay up to date on The White Door, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.