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This Popular ‘Animal Crossing’ Moneymaker May Make You Shiver

  • The secret to success? Eight easy steps.
  • Okay, it’s actually eight legs. Tarantulas are a big moneymaker.
  • The legendary Tarantula Island, and an alternative for those looking to make Bells quick.


We’re nearly through the first week of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it’s already on track to be the Nintendo Switch’s 2020 smash hit. Everywhere you look online, players are sharing imagery of their towns, debating on the proper ways to play the game, and overall just finding themselves once more enraptured by the first full-fledged Animal Crossing title since 2013’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS. The basis around the Animal Crossing series has always been a laid back slice of life experience. Running on the same 24 hour cycle as our own days, players can take part in a number of tasks throughout their villages (or in Horizon’s case, on their own island paradises) with the overall goal of advancing their own lives and the world around them.

The idea is to go from rags to riches, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons the goal is to go from an island of a few tents to a bustling community that would make the tourist industry swoon as you turn your island into prime living and visiting real estate. But if you’re going to get there, you’re going to need income. Fishing, catching bugs, selling fossils and playing the Turnip based Stalk Market can make you some easy Bells, but right now there is a holy grail method that many players are seizing.

If you’ve redeemed your Nook Miles for a special ticket, there is a decent chance that one of your random islands to visit has been the now-legendary Tarantula Island. This island that has earned its namesake can spawn anywhere from six to ten of the creepy crawlies at a time, and for the careful minded player, you can fill your inventory with the tarantulas to bring home a clean profit of well over 200k bells. This island is a rare one to find however, but the ingenuity of players has lead to a workaround. If you can’t find your own tarantula island, make your own.

It’s a time-consuming process, but with effort you can give the tarantulas the condition they need to spawn. Currently, Nintendo has made no formal statement on whether or not this is by design or an oversight, but right now if you’re having trouble getting to that mythical island of terror and profit you do have the ability to make your own. While none of this is achieved through glitching or anything, it still is being widely debated back and forth on whether or not this acceptable. With the verdict still out from Nintendo, I want to ask our Animal Crossing: New Horizons players what they think. Let us know down below.