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Tim Sweeney Clarifies Pre-Loading on the Epic Games Store Ahead of ‘Borderlands 3’

  • Pre-loading is a feature used by many storefronts.
  • The system is designed to allow for play immediately when the game opens.
  • The EGS is not projected to have pre-loading available by the launch of Borderlands 3.

Tim Sweeney has clarified that a valuable feature is not going to be available in the Epic Games Store in time for the upcoming release of Borderlands 3. Pre-loading, a standard feature on many storefronts, is available on the store for third-party games, but Sweeney does not believe that the support structure could support a game like Borderlands 3, which he refers to as a “blockbuster.”

Pre-loading has been available on platforms like Steam since the platform’s inception in 2004, and other platforms have followed suit. Yes, the Epic Game Store does have pre-loading features, but if they aren’t up to the challenge of one of the first major AAA titles to fall to PC exclusivity on their platform, should the feature have been shipped at all? Fans are also concerned that, if the system can’t handle pre-loading the game, how could they handle the game’s launch? Sure, they’ve supported up to 10 million players in Fortnite, but will it really be the same? No one’s really sure.

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  1. *Insert: “Well, yes. But actually no” – meme here*

    I love the “it’s complicated” part though, because it’s not. It’s a yes or no question in regards to BL3 but Sweeny just hast to go full politician about it.

    Why is he still allowed to give answers. All he does is make things worse. Epic needs to institute a filter or review-function on him before he burns even more bridges.

    • Tim Sweeney and Randy Pitchford are the same person confirmed.

    • I feel like most criticism along the lines of “it isn’t complicated, you do or do not” comes from a place where there isn’t much technical understanding. Sweeney has said that there is pre-loading on the Epic Games Store (and there is). However, due to how their content distribution system functions it would likely be out under “untested” conditions for a major game like Borderlands 3. The feature is there. Can it support Borderlands 3? Doubtful.

      • Lollercoaster on August 15, 2019 at 1:18 am said

        If a feature is released untested and nonfunctioning for all titles then I would think that it qualifies as either not shipped or shipped unfinished. Either way its not a completed feature but Epic has no problems lying to people and fanboys have no problem defending the lies.

  2. ineedmoney on August 13, 2019 at 8:06 pm said

    Every time I turn around there something new that doesnt make Epic Games Store look good. How is it complicated to allow people to pre load a game. Seems like an extremely simple thing for a huge company to do. Xbox and Sony ull be able to pre load the game but Epic Games Store nope. How does a company thats had there store out for almost a year now still not have added simple functions for consumers or security. It kind of seems they dont care for the consumer at all. They just want their money and if you dont give it to them they name call and put down all gamers. It wasnt that long ago that Epic’s Ceo called all PC gamers pirates. How gaming media and people stick up for them when if steam released like the Epic Games Store has people would be ripping them apart for not having certain security or functions. Mind boggling

  3. As mentioned above, pre-loading is available in the Epic Games Store. Even more so, I have used it for smaller games. With the content distribution method that Epic Games uses for their storefront, it’s likely that it would give a subpar experience to the end user if trying to pre-load an “AAA Title” like Borderlands 3. As for what Sweeney said *nine years or more ago* – there once was a time where even Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) criticized PC gamers for piracy. That was the original intent behind “Steam” – a place to distribute their own games to avoid pirates.

  4. I understand the technical parts of it. But that wasn’t the point.

    If the question is: “Will BL3 have preloading?” then that is a yes or no question. It either will or it won’t. There may be a more detailed and technical reason for the answer, but the answer is still binary.

    But instead of: Unfortunately no, because [insert reasons here] he goes with the classic politician lines where you answer, but not really and try to be vague enough so you can claim to have something, when really you don’t.

    • No, the question was “Why is Pre-loading considered a released/shipped feature when you don’t have it for BL3?” (as per the screenshot in the article). It is complicated – it’s released for most titles but needs optimization for larger/”blockbuster” (AAA) titles. The question wasn’t “Is there pre-loading for BL3?” as Sweeney specifically said “No.” before this article was posted.

      • Either way, it’s not complicated.
        In regards to BL3 it’s either yes or no. And for the platform as a whole it might be partially implemented. But in neither case is it in any way complicated. The technical issues and their solutions might be but that’s the reason, not the answer.

        Why not just say “Not for BL3”?
        “For certain games” Works too.
        Instead he’s trying oh so hard to be ambiguous about it and make it sound like a difficult thing to answer. It’s not though. What he’s really trying is to make it read like anything other that “yes we have this feature but we don’t want to admit it’s incomplete”. And that pisses me off.

        I mean so what if it doesn’t work all out, Just own that and go with it instead of doing the whole song and dance trying to make it sound like you have it, but not really.

        • That’s exactly what he said, though. I think you’re reading more into his words than necessary. He simply said they don’t think it’s ready to handle games like Borderlands 3. He also said in an earlier tweet that it won’t be available. There’s no “politician talk” there – just that there are limits to the pre-load feature that does work for *some games* but he already mentioned that it isn’t going to be ready for BL3. Why are you complicating this?

          • But that’s the thing. It’s not so much what he says, as how he is saying it.

            We all know the EGS is far behind on features but instead of just owning up to that we get this squirmy “we do, but we don’t”-thingie. And I find it annoying that dear Timmy can’t seem to respect the fact that gamers are not Mindless drones.

            We can see through the BS facade and if Epic would treat its (potential) customers with some backbone I believe they would receive a lot less flak than they do. They’d still get a lot of shit, but at least it wouldn’t feel so justified.

  5. Epic game store.. so bad, they have to make sure you don’t have any other choice to finally get people to use it.

  6. Stick to physical copies. End off.

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