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Tomorrow, Tomorrow ‘There Is No Tomorrow’

  • We’ve always been told tomorrow is just a day away, but is it really?
  • There Is No Tomorrow is a third-person survival with a charming art style.
  • However, the gameplay itself looks a little rough.


What do we get when you take a student and send him barreling through time to the future? We get Back To The Future 2, usually. This time, however, we’re getting an indie game called There Is No Tomorrow. Developed and published by KOEX Studio, There Is No Tomorrow is a 3rd person action-adventure game with elements of survival mechanics and horror. Also, there is a creepy talking doll that serves as the main character’s sidekick, so there is that. Below you’ll find just what the game features according to the Steam page for the game:

  • Stealth & Action gameplay mechanics. Choose your approach.⦁ A variety of methods to kill or take-down your enemies.
  •  Enemies consists of both monsters and human.
  • A heavily Story-driven adventure game.
  •  Challenging and mysterious puzzles to solve.
  • Different endings depending on the choices you made.
  • Hard mode for hardcore players (You only live once).

I particularly like the art style shown in screenshots for this one. While the color palette is grim, primarily featuring browns, greys, and blacks the way it all comes together really makes the environment and the creatures within it pop. That being said, what’s popping also appears to be fairly empty set pieces that use combat to compensate for the lack of individual environmental details. That’s not saying that they aren’t there, of course, but what we’ve seen so far does look pretty empty at times. Visually, it reminds me of Killer 7 blended with earlier sixth-generation survival horror and action games. The art style helping the game compensate in some areas, but pretty artwork. 

In all of the footage available for the game, there are performance issues that are hard to ignore, including animation stutter that’s especially jarring when you’ve become so used to smooth gameplay experiences. I don’t mean a slight stutter either, I mean all over the place in terms of animation quality and consistency. While it appears the player can still physically move around well enough, it’s still off-putting to see such jerkiness in the character models. Framerate issues can also be seen from time to time.

Still, I’ve definitely seen worse-performing games and those have managed to be fun so if you’re not turned off by a game that wears its technical issues on its sleeve you might consider checking this one out. The game is available to be wish listed on Steam, and while it doesn’t have a price tag yet if it’s somewhere in the $15-$20 range it just might be something worth checking out when it’s released on January 15th, 2020.