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Tools Up! Is Bringing More Apartment Renovation into Your Life

  • Renovate apartments in up to 4-player co-op.
  • Work together, or against one another.


You know those friends of yours who always refuse to help you move? Well now you can have them over to help you move in video game form with Tools Up! According to the developers, “Tools Up! is a couch co-op game about renovating apartments in a mysterious skyscraper. Work together against the racing clock: paint walls, move furniture, lay tiles and unlock the secrets of the building!”

Now, if painting walls and moving furniture doesn’t sound particularly compelling to you for some reason, consider the fact that you can do it with three of your buddies. Couch co-op is definitely coming back in style this year, with many titles reviving this fundamental element of gaming’s past. Another bygone feature seen in Tools Up! is the capability to obstruct doorways that your teammates are attempting to pass through with your own body, a perhaps unlucky aspect for all those grandmothers out there that The Knights of Unity recommend playing this game with… “Grandma, I swear to god, you are blocking me again! No, you’re the one with the purple hat, I’m the one with the green hat! Just move away from the door… away from it! There’s one minute left, grandma, now let me out of this god**** door!”

You start with access to four characters and can unlock several more, though they appear to be purely cosmetic. An important note is that only the player who is currently holding the blueprints is capable of changing the camera angle. And then there’s this note left by the developers: “Expecting ice, fire or puppies? No? Well, you should! Tools Up! levels and environments are rich and varied. Expect different weather too.”

So it sounds like Tools Up! is hoping to capitalize on a sort of purposeful mayhem for their casual party game–just don’t be too hard on poor grandma! The release date is set some time in Q3 2019, and platforms will include PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and (until Epic buys it off) Steam.

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