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Top 10 Game Girls I’d Ask Out on Valentine’s Day

I’m not at the level of Syrus Truesdale and Dark Magician Girl, but I’m still a proud member of the waifu for lifu crowd over here. Half of my crushes growing up were girls from anime and video games. Lisa Hayes is still the GOAT in my book.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so I figured now is the least weird time for me to reveal my favorite video game waifus. Here are my top 10 favorite game girls that I’d be gunning to shoot my shot at if they existed in real life (One of them does, but more on that later).

#10–Angel (Def Jam Vendetta)

Def Jam: Fight For NY, is a better game than its predecessor Def Jam Vendetta in almost every way. The only thing it is missing is Angel.

Angel is the girlfriend of the main protagonist, who ends up getting snatched away by the game’s main villain, D-Mob. She also happens to be based on real-life actress and singer Christina Milian.

Christina Milian circa Love Don’t Cost A Thing, was the hottest woman on the planet (to me anyway), so naturally, I had to include her on this list.

#9–Bastilla Shan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Two of my real-life crushes are Katrina Law (as Nyssa) and Hayley Atwell, so yes, I have a thing for accents. And Jennifer Hale as Bastilla has one hell of an accent.

Badass, headstrong, and graceful, Bastilla Shan is quite the woman. It’s easy to see why Revan fell for her in KOTOR because I did too as a kid. Watching her develop throughout the story was a pleasure to see. She may have slipped into darkness once, but with Revan’s help, she was able to return to the light as an even stronger person. It’s a shame how their love story ends up though. That’s where I step in. Right? Right?

#8–Chun Li (Street Fighter)

This list honestly could have just been all female characters from fighting games, but I’ve trimmed it down to just a few. No waifu list is complete without the one and only Chun Li.

Sporting thunder thighs that would leave Thor himself awestruck (a voluptuous body in general, but the thighs always caught the eyes), Chun Li could kick my ass anytime she wants. Well not really, but you get what I mean.

With a figure that matches her martial arts prowess, a unique and appealing hairstyle, and an outfit that is both badass and eye-catching, Chun Li has been a fan favorite for decades and the fawning is well-deserved.

#7–Joy (Shenmue 2)

Beautiful? Check. Redhead? Check. Likes rock and roll and video games? Check. Rides around town on a motorcycle? Check. What’s not to love about Joy?

Met early on in Shenmue 2, the fiery Joy is a supporting character who helps Ryo on his journey in numerous ways like finding him a job and a place to crash for the night. I’ve always held a certain appreciation for a fine redhead, and Joy definitely fits that bill.

I understand that Ryo’s mission is an important one, but man, why pass up on a hottie like Joy? Stop looking for sailors and getting into arm-wrestling matches, my man! Keep your eyes on the real prize!

#6–Nitara (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance)

One of my biggest issues with the Mortal Kombat franchise is that there are so many interesting side characters that could have their stories expanded upon, but never do. One such character is Nitara.

The hottest video game vampire since Rayne from BloodRayne, Nitara is a vampire from the realm of Vaeternus. Nitara desired to free her realm from Outworld, and through manipulation of Reptile and Cyrax, she achieved this goal.

Nitara is one of the many 3D-era Mortal Kombat characters who have been all but forgotten, and it’s a shame. She’s smart, cunning, and a capable fighter in her own right, having defeated Ashrah in battle. She’s also smoking hot. Sure, she kind of looks like a pirate vampire, but I’m okay with that.

#5–Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

Borderline allergic to clothes, the first video game character I came across that was an instant sex icon was Ivy Valentine.

My young jaw dropped to the floor the minute I saw Ivy in Soul Calibur 2. Her outfits or lack thereof tend to have that effect on a young boy’s mind, or a young man’s mind, for that matter. The character is unabashed in her overload of sex appeal, which is why everyone loves her.

For all the BDSM folks out there, she comes equipped with her own whip too. Hers might kill you, but that’s the risk you take with that kind of stuff.

#4–Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2)

I wouldn’t trust this lady as far as I can throw her, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a date or two.

The woman who always has an ulterior agenda also looks pretty dang good in a red dress and high heels. Ada Wong wasn’t much to look at in the original Resident Evil 2, because it was the original Resident Evil 2, but got better with every additional appearance in the series.

Ada got a major upgrade in last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake and looks pretty jaw-dropping. It’s a shame that Ada and Leon never got together proper, but hey, that makes the fantasy easier for me.

#3–Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7)

Choosing Tifa over Aerith might be considered blasphemy in some circles, but I can’t help it.

Tifa Lockhart fits into the archetype of the hot girl that secretly loves the badass male protagonist who takes a century and a half to figure this out and make a move.

Being a childhood friend of Cloud, Tifa has a special link to Cloud that their other comrades don’t. Acting as the rock that Cloud probably convinced himself he didn’t need, Tifa has always been the bright spot of AVALANCHE.

Beautiful, emotionally and physically strong (forget Veronica, I’ll take Tifa as a partner in a fistfight any day), Tifa Lockhart is the bona fide ideal woman. Cloud is a lucky man indeed.

#2–SIE (Alpha Protocol)

Tifa Lockhart might be the ideal woman to meet in real life, but this is the waifu for lifu list, gosh darn it. So, my top two fits are at max waifu level.

All 4 of the love interests in Alpha Protocol aren’t bad to look at, but for me, German mercenary SIE sits atop the list. She’s a certified cougar for starters, and what guy doesn’t like cougars? She’s also got a really big gun, and as Mike Thorton puts it, a pair of cruise missiles. The German accent helps too. But mainly the cruise missiles.

Overtly sexual, suggestive, and aggressive, SIE pretty much fits the bill for the ideal cougar encounter, which is why she’s waifu number 2. I wouldn’t dare piss her off in any way though. Cause, you know, that big gun I was talking about.

#1–Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)

Terry Bogard may be the hero of the story and the stronger (and taller) of the two Bogard brothers, but Andy Bogard is the real winner. Why? Mai fricking Shiranui, that’s why. Blue Mary is a looker too, but not on the same level as Mai.

The beautiful and big bosomed kunoichi Mai Shiranui is everything a Japan-loving waifu life guy like me could ask for. She’s got some decent competition in fighting game females, like KOF’S Angel and Shermie, and Soul Calibur’s Taki and Ivy, but Mai Shiranui is number one in my book and always will be–the ultimate video game sex symbol.

What makes Andy Bogard so lucky is the fact that Mai is completely in love with the guy, no matter what. And all it took was getting her a present on her birthday. She’s the right kind of clingy, if you know what I mean.

Do you guys know that one Jay Z hiding behind Beyoncé meme? Andy and Mai are probably the video game equivalent of that. Find you a ride or die girl like Mai Shiranui chaps.